By Tamara Palmer

La Colombe's new Draft Latte line appears to be a hot ticket in stores, at least here in San Francisco, where it appeared to be sold out at a few different locations of Whole Foods and Target (perhaps fueled by a sale at both chains). I managed to hunt down a few of the 10 new flavors, which include versions like Pure Black, Chai Draft Latte, and Mocha Draft Lattes with regular or coconut milk. Most are a combination of frothed milk and cold-pressed espresso, which will standout among instant coffee competition.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Vanilla Draft Latte can states that it's "naturally sweet with only a pinch of cane sugar," but there's still 15 grams of sugar in a 140 calorie serving (with four of the grams of sugar being added). It's very smooth and sweet, and it's easy to chug it if you're not careful because it's quite tasty. I'm rather caffeine-sensitive, so I drank about three quarters of the can before realizing the caffeine in it is equivalent to about a cup and a half of coffee and saved the rest for later. And while the can makes no guarantee as to subsequent productivity, I started tackling the most cluttered corner of my house and sorted through papers for hours on a good buzz. Who needs Red Bull?

These easy-to-drink lattes would be great for holiday parties, and we bet they'd be delicious topped up with a little Christmas Eggnog.