By Vanessa Greaves
September 16, 2015

When you can't decide between a candy bar and a cookie (#firstworldproblems) you can have the best of both all in one. These cookies are copycats of popular candy bars, with the added bonus of being extra good because they're homemade.

"Very, very yummy. Taste just like a Heath Bar. Not for the weight consious though, but excellent. — MRS. WAGS

Crunch Bar
Photo by Molly

"They were SO good! My second batch I topped with sliced almonds and made them Almond Joy Bars." — Lady Di

Mound Bars
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

"Kids said that these are better than Reese's!" — Jennifer C.

Peanut Butter Bars I
Photo by L.P.L.
| Credit: L.P.L

"To make these taste more like Kit Kats, I leave out the butterscotch chips and sub milk chocolate chips." — MAGGIE MCGUIRE

Kitty Kat Bars
Photo by mominml

"Very good. Very easy. Will definitely make again." (I used milk chocolate chips.) — peachypie

Clark Bars
Photo by Molly

"I recommend only covering them in a high quality chocolate (no chips mixed in)I used a higher grade dark chocolate. These are truly awesome!" — Maureen

Babe Ruth Bars II
Photo by mauigirl

"Yes, this is quite good! My husband said it tasted like a soft Payday candy bar." — PULLEYHEATHER

Peanut Candy Bar Cake Photo
Photo by JESSIE6381

"My mother-in-law makes a similar cookie using Ritz crackers. It's crazy how similar they taste to real Butterfingers." — NWMama

Mock Butterfinger
Photo by sonjagroset

Just like those gooey caramel/chocolate/pecans candies that scare the bejeebers out of your dentist.

Snappy Turtle Cookies
Photo by Holiday Baker

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