You can always add spirits, of course.

Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale
Credit: Target

Love Canada Dry Ginger Ale's spicy kick of flavor? Its thirst-quenching refreshment? Its nose-tinging fizz? Now it comes in a delicious tart cranberry flavor in time for the holidays.

Cranberries are in season right now, and this new soda just exudes winter. It will go perfectly with cranberry margaritas, sangrias, or other festive cocktails you're whipping up at home with loved ones as 2019 comes to a close.

The can is pink to resemble cranberries, and it's a pleasant color scheme for the holiday season. Each sip just feels super fun and festive on your tongue, too.  You can also get the cranberry-flavored soda in a diet version, too, if you're trying to ditch some calories.

What's more, apart from the holiday-forward flavor, the cans and boxes have "Holiday Cheers" greetings printed on them, to really put you in that holiday mood. The Ginger Ale box says, "Cheers to Gift Giving and 1-Day Shipping." A sister brand of Canada Dry, 7-Up, also features the holiday greetings. Their boxes and bottles say, "Cheers to Raised Glasses and Spilled Drinks."

If you're looking for what to drink throughout the rest of 2019 with friends and family, look no further. These are great for drinking as is or using as mixers for boozy beverages.