Can You Eat Peach Skin?

Here's what you need to know.

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If you're like me, the following news will come as a shock: Peach skin is totally safe (even healthy!) to eat and a lot of people eat the fruit without peeling.

Here's what you need to know about eating peach skin:

To Peel or Not to Peel?

It's up to you! Seriously, enjoy your peach and don't listen to the skin shamers.

However, if you do eat the skin, you need to wash it really well first. Just rinse it with lukewarm water and rub the skin gently with a paper towel or vegetable brush. Thorough washing is the only way to remove any dirt, bacteria, and chemical residue that could make you sick.

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What Does Peach Skin Taste Like?

I'm told it has a mildly tart flavor and a leathery mouthfeel. Yum?

Why Is Peach Skin Fuzzy?

The most unsettling thing about eating peach skin is, for me at least, the fuzzy skin.

Experts aren't sure why peaches are fuzzy, but some believe the textured coating exists to add an extra layer of protection to the delicate peel (which is prone to premature rot, especially when wet). It may also shield the fruit against pesky insects.

Peach Skin Nutrition

Great news, skin-on eaters! Peach skin is chock-full of healthy vitamins and nutrients. It's a rich source of:

  • Fiber, which promotes digestion and can aid in weight loss.
  • Vitamin A, which is good for your eyesight and immune system.
  • Antioxidants, which may reduce the risk of some cancers.

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The Best Way to Peel Peaches

Of course, some of us closed-minded folks are always going to be grossed out by the thought of eating fuzzy peach skin. You can peel peaches with a sharp knife or go for the knifeless approach: Blanch the peaches by boiling and then quickly transferring them to an ice bath, let them sit to dry, then easily slip the skin off with your fingers.

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