Cadbury Made a Candy Bar Full of Mini Cadbury Eggs

It's like an Easter egg hunt you can eat.

There are still months to go until Easter, and it'll probably really feel like years with the way things are going. Still, that hasn't stopped big fans of pastel and bunny-themed candy from counting down the days until they can get their hands on old favorites like Cadbury's Mini Eggs. And to make matters even better this year, that familiar favorite will soon be available in a new (and arguably improved) form.

Months ahead of Easter, the chocolate company known for its various edible easter eggs is out with a Mini Eggs chocolate bar that combines a familiar format with a seasonal favorite.

Looking not too dissimilar from Cadbury's popular (in the UK, at least) Dairy Milk bar, this Mini Eggs bar looks like your standard-issuer ration of chocolate at first glance. But once you bite into a piece, you'll find the brand's fan-favorite mini eggs inside, complete with their colorful, sugary outer shell and chocolate inside. It's like they managed to hide a whole Easter treat inside a candy bar to create a multilayered chocolate experience. Clearly, Cadbury's been feeling inspired recently, because the Mini Eggs chocolate bar isn't the only rabbit they're pulling out of their proverbial hat in honor of spring's biggest candy holiday. Evidence suggests they'll also be dropping a Mini Eggs Easter egg, which is a giant chocolate egg filled with a whole bag's worth of mini eggs. The R&D department at Cadbury truly seems addicted to putting their Mini Eggs inside of larger things.

cadbury mini eggs candy bars

While these early reports of Cadbury's latest creations come from the UK (where they seem to occupy a higher position in the overall candy power rankings), you'd have to think that a candy like this is worthy of transatlantic distribution. Hopefully you can find them at American retailers by the time lent starts up.

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