You know your precious pooch is meant to be a star. Now, show the world.

Who doesn't love a dog in a cute set of bunny ears? Cadbury knows precisely how adorable it is, and in the spirit of Easter, they are throwing a contest to determine the best dog to steal the spotlight this Easter season. It's the second year for the content; last year's commercial featured Henri the Bulldog, the winner of the contest and star in the Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial for 2019.

Now, Cadbury is on the hunt to find its newest 'bunny' to be featured in the iconic Clucking Bunny commercial for 2020. Cadbury is welcoming all submissions to the tryouts starting now, on Feb. 4. If you think your pet has what it takes to get on the camera, here's what to know about the contest and tryouts, as well as how best to prepare to steal the show.

You can enter the contest and submit your adorable, bunny-tastic photos anytime between Feb. 4 and  Feb. 24. Cadbury and the famous pet influencer JiffPom will watch the videos and narrow it down to 10 finalists, all of which will be announced on March 4.

And for the first time ever, America will then determine from those 10 finalists who they think the ultimate winner should be.

The voting period opens up to the public once the finalists are chosen, which would be from March 4 to 18. Then, the winner will receive recognition and the highly-coveted role in the iconic Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial.

Cadbury will also be donating $10,000 to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), as they did last year. Get your camera and ears out, give your pet a grooming session, and start snapping away!

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