Butterbeer Ice Cream is Pure Harry Potter Magic

Hang onto your magic wands because we have the ultimate treat for your next Harry Potter viewing party. The ice cream geniuses at Yuengling's have created a Harry Potter-inspired butterbeer ice cream, soon to be delighting your tastebuds with a butter cream and butterscotch flavor combo—featuring a butterscotch swirl, no less.

Photo by Yuengling’s.

No sorcery; this is the real deal. The new flavor is available for about $4 a pint, and will be a permanent fixture in Yuengling's regular line-up. Check out their store locator to see if it's available near you.

But, even if you can't buy the ice cream, we found this recipe for Better Butterbeer so you can make your own delicious sipable version at home. Though if you can get to a pint, might we suggest doubling your pleasure by swapping out the vanilla ice cream? Butterbeer ice cream floats for everyone!

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