With their new line of portable turkey bites, you can take the flavor of Thanksgiving (or Cajun or teriyaki flavors) with you anywhere you go.
Butterball Thanksgiving Premium Snacks
Credit: Butterball

Turkey obviously shines brightest on Thanksgiving when it's surrounded by all the trimmings of America's favorite holiday meal. But that doesn't mean turkey doesn't deserve a little credit throughout the rest of the year.

That's why Butterball, probably the most recognizable brand of turkeys for most Americans, has launched a new line of premium snacks, which feature pre-packaged containers of seasoned turkey that are easy to eat in any setting.

The packs come in three flavors — Citrus Teriyaki, Cajun style, and Thanksgiving. We're most pumped about the Thanksgiving flavor (obviously) because it features stuffing bites, seasoned to taste like our favorite part of the holiday meal. All three packets are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and made with 100 percent all-natural turkey, so they're perfect for snacking without interfering in your meal plans.

The packs are perfect as a snack, but would also make a great centerpiece for a super-quick lunch, easy to make without dirtying too many dishes or interrupting your work-from-home schedule. Simply tuck them into a sandwich, toss them on top of a salad, or eat them with cheese and crackers and a little fruit. It almost couldn't be easier. Butterball Premium Snacks are available at select retailers in the U.S., so look for them in your local grocery store.