New Oreo "Brookie-O" Mashes Three Creams Between Two Cookies

Cookie dough between cookies, people.

oreo brookie-o
Photo: Oreo

By now, you're probably aware that there exist a seemingly infinite number of Oreo types in existence. The cookie's signature creme filling is available in a plethora of flavors and a rainbow of colors. Heck, you can even customize the look of your Oreo these days.

For all of the various combinations and permutations of the Oreo, however, nothing could prepare you for the Brookie-O. Yes, the Brookie-O. For those keeping score at home, this unconventional offering borrows most of its name from the "brookie," a portmanteau of "brownie" and "cookie" used to describe the astoundingly delicious hybrid baked good.

What's particularly special about this Oreo isn't necessarily the flavors involved, but how it incorporates them. The Brookie-O uses three (yes, three) different layers of creme filling sandwiched between two classic Oreo cookies. In addition to the familiar standard-issue creme flavor, you'll find both brownie and cookie dough flavored filling. That's right: a cookie with cookie dough within it. It's like you're eating an Oreo and a brownie and a cookie at the same time and I don't even know if I can process just how insane that is.

Though the general public won't get their hands on the Brookie-O until January 2021, intel from @JunkFoodLeaks_ makes it sound like this particular Oreo lives up to the hype you've already created in your mind. "The brownie is great, your traditional Oreo icing is great - and the cookie dough shines," their caption reads. If the Brookie-O disappoints in any way, it's that it doesn't feature enough cookie dough, which, fair.

Frankly, it's a crime that these are being billed as a limited edition product, because the Brookie-O feels like it's already secured its place in the pantheon of all-time Oreos. According to Oreo, Brookie-Os will be nationwide while supplies last, which means we should all stock up while we have the chance. So let go of whatever lingering plans you had to eat healthier in 2021 and grab a whole bunch of these when they hit shelves in January. Sorry, brownies and cookies–you lost this round.

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