Fill up a bride's recipe box with dinners, desserts, and other favored recipes from her friends and family. Here, 10 blank recipe cards for bridal showers.
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Recipes are a gift. They're a way to share food, whether you're there in person or only in spirit. Any time someone needs a casserole or cake they know won't fail, recipes are the go-to source of inspiration and guidance. That's also what makes recipes a great gift for bridal showers. In fact, bridal shower hostesses frequently ask guests to share their most loved recipes so brides and grooms can fill their recipe boxes. If you're hosting, send the blank cards with the invitation so guests can write their beloved recipes and slip them in their cards. You can also hand them out at the bridal shower with stamped and addressed envelopes and ask the guests to mail their favorite dishes to the new couple before their wedding date.

Here, we gathered 10 blank recipe cards that are beautiful enough to be their own gift. We also found three fantastic recipe box options if you want to package all the recipes in one nice gift for the newlyweds. To protect the hand-written cards, consider including recipe card protectors so the cards will be protected against spills and splatters.

1. Floral Flair

Hadley Designs Floral Bridal Shower Recipe Cards
Credit: Amazon

If you want to match a floral design for a bridal shower, these beautiful cards are striking. The pack of 50 is made of thick, high-quality card stock, and a matte finish is easier to write on than cards with a glossy finish.

Buy it: $12/set of 50; Amazon

2. Great With Greenery

Wild Berries Recipe Cards
Credit: FavoriteStory/Etsy

Hand-illustrated greenery with petite berries is another great option for matching a bridal shower theme. It's also a classic look that won't go out of style rapidly. The 4-inch by 6-inch cards are made with card stock and printed on both sides.

Buy it: $8.50/set of 10; Etsy

3. Minimalist Menu

Kraft Paper Recipe Card
Credit: Amazon

Classic and sophisticated, these scripted recipe cards provide lots of room for writing. The card stock paper is printed to look like kraft paper, and they're available in four sizes to fill an existing recipe box or notebook.

Buy it: $13/set of 50; Amazon

4. Vintage Floral Garden

Vintage Floral Garden Recipe Cards
Credit: braindango/Etsy

These vintage-inspired blank recipe cards feature an enduring floral style. Each pack contains 20 cards of three designs each, for a total of 60 cards. A muted repeat of the front image appears on the back with additional lines so there's plenty of room for the full recipe.

Buy it: $10.75/set of 60; Etsy

5. Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest Recipe Card

Bright and fresh, these lemon-adorned blank recipe cards are sweet and special. "I love these recipe cards!!!! I wrote on them with sharpie and you can't tell from the other side- very thick paper. Also, the perfect amount of space," one reviewer wrote.

Buy it: $10/set of 50; Amazon

6. Vintage Casserole Dishes

Vintage Casserole Dish Recipe Cards
Credit: RecipeBoxDesigns/Etsy

Vintage casserole dishes for vintage recipes. The bride and groom may not be cooking in their grandmothers' Pyrex dishes, but they will be thankful for the illustrated elements on each recipe card.

Buy it: $5/set of 12; Etsy

7. Framed Floral

Floral Recipe Cards
Credit: Amazon

Delicate floral details and a thin kraft paper border leave lots of room for a recipe. Plus, the cards are double sided for extra space. "Writing on these is a pleasure. My ink pen lays down very smoothly. The lines are pretty small, so not for someone with naturally massive handwriting. I have medium handwriting and I'm able to work with these just fine," one reviewer wrote.

Buy it: $13/set of 50; Amazon

8. Sweet & Simple

Simple Recipe Cards
Credit: decocards/Etsy

One reviewer for these 4-inch by 6-inch blank recipe cards called them classic and tasteful. There are a few decorative details in script lettering, so for decades of use, that may be the perfect option.

Buy it: $3/set of 6; Etsy

9. Spoon Notes

Kraft Recipe Cards

Subtle decorative hints include wooden spoons, script font, and hearts. The 4-inch by 6-inch cards are available in brown or white, and the back of each card has plenty of lines for extra notes.

Buy it: $13/set of 50; Amazon

10. Hearts & Berries

Heart & Berry Strawberry Recipe Cards
Credit: Amazon

Watercolor strawberry art is sweet and special. Double-sided and 4-inches by 6-inches, these recipe cards a great option for years of use. For a larger gift, consider buying the matching recipe box with dividers ($23; Amazon).

Buy it: $10/set of 50; Amazon

Fun & Funky Recipe Box

Kate Spade New York Recipe Box with 40 Double Sided Recipe Cards
Credit: Amazon

If you're the bridal shower hostess or planning to give the gift of some family heirloom recipes to a soon-to-be-married couple, consider finding a recipe box worthy of the prized cards. These recipe boxes are sturdy and designed to last through lots of use.

Kate Spade's citrus-inspired recipe box comes with with 40 cards and eight tabbed dividers for the main recipe categories: breakfast, soups, sauces, appetizers, entrees, desserts, beverages, and miscellaneous. "I bought this recipe box as a wedding shower gift and the bride loved it! Cute print, fabric cover, cork bottom so it doesn't slide and adorable recipe cards to match," one reviewer wrote.

Buy it: $32; Amazon

Charming Flowers Recipe Box

Juliet Recipe Tin
Credit: Rifle Paper Co.

This recipe tin is adorned with Rifle Paper Co.'s iconic floral designs and gold details. Each box comes with 24 cards and 12 dividers. The cards feature a spoon design with script lettering.

Buy it: $34;

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