The few people who confess to loving candy corn have a lot of new treats to enjoy.

Candy corn might be the most loathed of all Halloween candies, but Ferrara, parent company of famed candy corn maker Brach's, isn't letting a little online bashing stop them from creating all-new, fun flavors of the waxy, chewy candy. Indeed, just in time for Halloween, the candy company has released five new varieties. These include Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn, Brach's Mini Candy Corn & Chocolate Peanuts, Brach's Mermaid Candy Corn, Brach's Donut Shoppe Candy Corn, and Brach's Pumpkin Pie Candy Corn.

Trolli Sour Brights Sour Candy Corn
Photo: Ferrara

The Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn are a bit of a mouth mystery, if you'll allow us to use that phrase. The initial bite is sour, a signature flavor for Trolli's lineup of sour gummies. But then the initial bite gives way to that unmistakable candy corn texture and flavor. It's alluring, if not altogether unusual.

The Mermaid Fruity Candy Corn is darling. In addition to fruit-flavored and gem-colored triangles of candy corn, you can also enjoy candy corn in the shape of shells and starfish. The texture is 100 percent candy corn. The flavor is not.

Pumpkin Pie Candy Corn might seem like the ideal variation for the autumn holidays, and you'd be right. The all orange candy corn features hints of pumpkin pie spice — nutmeg is quite strong — amid the classic sugary notes. Would it satisfy a craving for pumpkin pie, with its creamy center and flaky crust? Probably not. But it's a fun treat.

Donut Shoppe Candy Corn has pieces meant to taste like strawberry, chocolate, and original glazed donut. Does it pass the test? The pink pieces are certainly fruity, and the chocolate ones do have a more intense cocoa flavor. But do we taste a doughnut amid the flavors? Not much, though these do somehow manage to be interesting enough for a second and third taste.

Brach's Mini Candy Corn & Peanuts
Photo: Brach's

The fifth and final new variety for the Halloween holiday is Brach's Mini Candy Corn & Chocolate Peanuts. These petite pieces of candy corn are certainly darling (and about half the size of typical candy corn). But there's something about the combination of the sweet candy corn and chocolate coating with the crunchy, salty peanuts that makes not grabbing a handful of this every time you walk by the candy bowl difficult. The peanuts are a bit soggy underneath their candy shell. But with the soft, sugary center of the candy corn, any bit of crunch is a welcome sensation.

Look for the new candy corn varieties on store shelves now through Halloween, and stock up if you find one you adore. There's no guarantee they'll stick around.