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The rainbow assortment is amusing and surprisingly tasty.

Colorful food is having a moment. From unicorn hot cocoa to pink chocolate, grocery aisles are turning technicolor shades of delicious.

But just as you think Brach's would be focused on their orange, yellow, and white candy corn assortment for Halloween, they've surprised us all with a new introduction, Mermaid Fruity Candy Corn.

Brach's Mermaid Candy Corn
Photo: Kimberly Holland

Each bag features six flavors — strawberry, lemon, green apple, grape, raspberry, and orange. And because no charming mermaid food could ever have only boring, repetitive triangles, this bag of treats has shapes like hearts, starfish, and seashells in a rainbow of colors, too.

We just got our hands on a bag of the mermaid candy corn, and we have to admit, we were quite surprised. You still get that stick-to-your-tooth candy corn experience — if you detest candy corn because of the texture, look away now. But we were quite charmed by the over-the-top fruit flavors and shapes. They're playful and whimsical, as all candy should be.

We wouldn't argue against eating pieces straight from the bag, but how fun would these be on an ocean-inspired cupcake at a birthday party? They'd also be adorable atop a rainbow layer cake with colorful frosting.

Brach's Mermaid Candy Corn is available right now — though you may have an easier time finding seasonal selections like their classic candy corn or the Autumn Mix, a blend of traditional candy corn, pumpkins, and the chocolate-on-bottom candy corn. If you love candy corn and can't get enough, look for the Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins, which are larger pieces and available only during the fall holidays.