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Grab a box, and start tasting.

When the clock strikes over to November 1, the candy aisles will begin filling up with silver and gold, and hook-shaped candy canes will butt out the monsters and monster-shaped chocolates of the Halloween candy selection. But if you're still up for a bit of intrigue even after you've put away your costume for the year, Brach's Mystery-Flavored Candy Canes might be a delight.

Brach's Mystery-Flavored Candy Canes
Photo: Brach's

Brach's, most famous for its assortment of candy corn, is releasing a new Mystery Cane Mix this holiday season. Each box appears to have three flavors — canes appears to be blue and green, red and green, and pink and purple — but Brach's website suggests there are actually "four distinct, delicious holiday flavors."

So what are these four mystery flavors? Brach's give no hints. They say the colors aren't even a good indicator for the treat your taste buds will enjoy. Instead, they say the candies could be fruit, sour, sweet, or even salty.

These candy canes might be hard to find right now, but Instagram food spotter JunkFoodMom spotted the secretive sweets on shelves already. You can also purchase online if you're in a hurry. Amazon has a 12-count box for $14.99; Candy Warehouse has them for $3.60. But if you can sit tight for a few weeks, or even just days, these will surely be at your local grocery store or supermarket soon.