Buford Horn Weasel of Elmo, Montana, claims his son's Cheetos contained a spent pistol shell.

Shrimp tails in Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Fingertips in frozen fruit. These days, it sure feels like our foods are full of foreign objects that really don't belong there. Now, there's a new entry into the "how the hell did this thing end up in my food?" pantheon, and it's number one with a bullet. As in a literal bullet. 

That's the inciting event in the curious case of Buford Horn Weasel's six-year-old son, who allegedly discovered a spent bullet casing from a three-ounce bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos puffs recently purchased from a convenience store in Kalispell, Montana. According to Today, Buford's boy started the snack on Saturday April 3, but finished it on Easter morning. This time, the "miracle" was not a resurrection, but a small tear on the bag and a bullet at the bottom. 

"He finished [the Cheetos] and at the bottom of the bag was that bullet," he told Today. "He just picked it up and asked his mom what it was, but I'm pretty sure he knew."

While Horn Weasel admitted to owning a hunting rifle, he noted that the bullet in question was much smaller than the ammunition it uses, and likely came from a pistol somewhere at some point. 

Cheese flavored Puff Snacks
Credit: AbbieImages

For their part, Frito-Lay is particularly interested in figuring out where and when exactly the bullet made contact with the snack. In a statement shared with Today, the brand described the situation as "highly unusual and troubling," adding that they've "already taken steps to investigate and attempt to identify the root cause." 

It doesn't take a ballistics expert to surmise that, while extreme, Flamin' Hot Cheetos are not bulletproof. That's why Horn Weasel is less interested in compensation than he is in finding the proverbial (and perhaps literal) smoking gun. "It's a spent bullet, it was shot and it somehow ended up in our bag," Horn Weasel told Today, adding a bemused "that happened, you know?"

We don't know yet what happened, but Frito-Lay has sent Horn Weasel a kit that can be used to run tests. What kind of information they uncover remains to be seen, but you can probably bet that a spent bullet covered in Cheeto dust is probably less valuable than a Cheeto shaped like a bullet.