If you're missing your Southern roots or just want an authentic Southern-style meal, look no further than Best Bourbon Chicken. Our home-cooking community craved this recipe so much it had the biggest increase in views and saves last week! Recipe author Rikster67 recreated her hometown favorite after moving to Pennsylvania. She prefers her version "spiced up with ginger, fruit juice, red pepper, and a little Southern Comfort!" Those flavors can't be beat -- and thousands of home cooks agreed.

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Chicken is always popular on, and last week was no different when it came to our new recipes. Four out of our cooking community's top 5 favorites all included the popular poultry. The main ingredient may be the same, but the flavors couldn't be more different. I'm talking Middle-Eastern, Asian, and classic American fare!

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Though spring is just around the corner, winter's root produce still has its grasp on our kitchens. Last week, Sweet Potato Chili had the biggest gain in searches by our members. After a healthy meal, an indulgent treat is in order, so your searches for Oreo Truffles were on point. Both are always welcome recipes for the dinner (or dessert) table!

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