This is what happens when you take a spirited approach to baking. Cheers!

Booze Factor: Rum

Pineapple and rum extract and give these cake-like muffins their tropical twist. For the best flavor, be sure to use real rum extract instead of imitation. What's the difference? Real rum extract is made from rum, and the imitation is a chemical concoction.

Pina Colada Muffins
Photo by naples34102

Dark rum plays a major part in giving this spicy banana bread its appeal. Jane Guzauskas Ruby says, "This recipe is sort of a cross between fruit cake and banana bread. The rum-soaked raisins and cardamom are the bridging ingredients." She had me at "rum-soaked."

Cardamom Banana Bread
Photo by Malinda Dix-Hunt

Another rummy one to try:

Booze Factor: Whiskey

"Just ALL kinds of wrong!" says recipe submitter HappyAZGirl. Molly made it, and says it's actually better the second day. At the liquor store where she bought the whiskey for the recipe, the owner asked to taste-test a loaf.

Whiskey and Bacon Banana Bread
Photo by It's A New Day

Two more whiskey shots here:

Booze Factor: Beer

What do reviewers think of this stout-flavored bread? "This was super! Moist, flavorful, hearty, and relatively healthy," says Erin. Then there's SisterSarah, who says, "Holy crud this is AWESOME!!!" I think they like it.

Guinness Bread
Photo by CookinBug

"This sweet and spicy corn bread is perfect for a Mexican meal or grilled food," says Karen Moorse. Christina says she loved the kick from the jalapeño pepper, but she removed the seeds so it wouldn't get super-hot. Learn more about the safest way to handle chile peppers. You'll be glad you did.

Jalapeno Green Onion Ale Corn Bread
Photo by Molly

More beer breads:

Please bake responsibly!