By Vanessa Greaves

If the calendar says you're all grown up but you're still just a kid at heart, these spiked ice pops are for you. They combine the fun of ice cream truck treats with the pleasure of being old enough for adults-only beverages. Enjoy responsibly, of course. Cheers!

1. Red, White, and Booze Ice Pops

Tangy cream cheese is layered with strawberry purée and blueberry purée to create these patriotic pops. And yes, there's vodka mixed into every layer. Esmee Williams says, "Wow! These are incredibly delicious (just be sure to keep them away from the kids)."

2. Ginger-Piña Colada Ice Pops

Do you like piña coladas? (You just started singing it in your head, didn't you?) Two kinds of rum, creamy coconut milk, pineapple, and a hit of fresh ginger all go into these lickable tropical treats. Hello, summer BBQ!

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

3. Fireball® Horchata Pops

Cinnamon-kissed rice milk and spicy cayenne meet up with cinnamon whiskey to make this taste-tingling ice pop.

Photo by Matt Wencl

4. Boozy Mai Tai Pops

These bright and colorful pops are everything you love about Mai Tai cocktails, with the added fun of being on a stick. The recipe submitter notes, "Boozy pops take longer to freeze than regular pops."

5. Tiramisu Ice Pops

This creamy, coffee-laced ice pop will wake you up, cool you off, and chill you out all at the same time with its tasty mixture of espresso, mascarpone cheese, half-and-half, and coffee-flavored liqueur.

Photo by Yoly