Bomb Pop Crush Puts Nostalgia on a Stick

It's like colorful, frozen soda you can eat.

With May a matter of days away, we've almost arrived at the point in the calendar when ice cream truck jingles become part of life's daily soundtrack. That in and of itself is enough to send many of us into nostalgic reveries of our childhood. Now, a collaboration between a classic popsicle and something of a throwback soda might just be enough to send you running down the block after the ice cream man.

Just in time for summer, Bomb Pop and Crush have collaborated on… Bomb Pop Crush. Though certainly not the most creatively named popsicle on the market today, it promises to mash up a familiar frozen form with a classic soda to create the quintessential summer treat.

Those who know the Bomb Pop well no doubt recall its three vertical layers of flavor, and this Crush-incorporating take on the Bomb Pop does not disappoint. From top to bottom, this Bomb Pop starts with purple juicy grape, moves onto a red refreshing strawberry in the middle, and finishes things off with a tangy orange right around the part of the popsicle where the jokes and riddles are written.

Bomb Pop Crush
Courtesy of Bomb Pop

Though popsicles like this may have gone out of vogue in an era of fancy gelatos and $10 gourmet ice cream sandwiches, something like the Bomb Pop Crush may scratch a certain old school ice cream itch like only a proper popsicle truly can. Plus, when you factor in the presence of three classic Crush flavors on one stick, the experience is a whole flavor journey that's hard to match.

You'll find Bomb Pop Crush sold in boxes of 12 in the freezer section at a variety of nationwide grocers including Walmart, Kroger, Harris Teeter, Hy,-Vee, Food Lion, and SuperValu. And, yes, you might just find it available from an ice cream truck. But why leave that to chance? One of the few perks of adulthood is that there's really nobody stopping you from eating as many Bomb Pop Crushes as you want, whenever you want— and that is worth celebrating.

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