And they're trying to call it Bar-BO-Cue.
bojangles bbq sandwich combo with southern shock mountain dew and cajun fries beside a sanwich on a wooden cutting board
Credit: Bojangles

Bojangles, the North Carolina-based chain known for its fried chicken, biscuits, and excellent iced tea, is adding pork barbeque to its menu, just in time for National Pulled Pork Day on October 12. It's kind of a big deal for the chain, which has been around since 1977. This is their first run at barbeque. 

Loyal to their home state, Bojangles decided to go with a North Carolina-style pulled pork that is hickory-smoked and topped with a tangy, vinegary sauce. You can order the Bojangles' Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich as a combo, served with slaw, a side and a drink, or you can get it as a dinner box, served with a biscuit and two sides. It will also be available as an add-on to any Big Bo Box Family meal.

"Born and raised in North Carolina, we at Bojangles know Southern home-cooking like the back of our hand, and these hands have been busy smoking up the best barbecue in town," Chef Marshall Scarborough said in a statement. "Just one bite of our hickory, smoked, pulled-pork barbecue will have you wanting to call it barBOcue."

To add to the pork bonanza that is happening at Bojangles right now, they're bringing back an old favorite for a limited time: the Pork Chop Grilled Biscuit. The tender pork chop is dry-rubbed and grilled, then sandwiched between a biscuit for an excellent meal any time of the day.