The meal kit delivery company is taking all the stress out of Thanksgiving this year.
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Thanksgiving dinner with mashed potatoes and turkey

If you've found yourself in charge of Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, Blue Apron has got your back. Putting together all the elements of the perfect holiday meal can be incredibly overwhelming, even for the most seasoned home cook. So, if you're looking for a way to lower the stress level, consider ordering one of Blue Apron's Thanksgiving feast meal kits.

Like a regular Blue Apron box, you'll receive pre-portioned ingredients and super clear instructions about how to put them together. The meal kit feeds six to eight people and includes a spiced roasted turkey breast, pimento cheese-style mashed potatoes, sage gravy, cranberry relish, roasted carrots, mushroom-braised collard greens, cheesy cornbread, and a peanut-glazed apple and persimmon dessert. The kit will be available soon for $135 on Blue Apron's website, so sign up to stay in the loop.

If your Thanksgiving stress includes trying to impress a picky guest, you can rest easy knowing that the Blue Apron meal kit was developed with Chef Edouardo Jordan, a well-respected, award-winning chef from Seattle who is known for his creative and delicious Southern-inspired food. Does that sound like the exact copilot you want beside you on Thanksgiving day? Thought so.

Order it: Blue Apron's Thanksgiving meal delivery, $135;