For anyone who may be on unicorn food overload, we have the perfect antidote—and just in time for warm weather—black ice cream. Delightfully dark, deep, solid, no messin' around black ice cream…with no sparkles in sight.

Buzz over black ice cream served at New York City's Morgenstern's started making the rounds about a year ago, and it has officially made it west to a shop called Little Damage in L.A. The flavor they are calling Black Roses is said to taste a little like chocolate with a hint of charcoal, which makes sense when you know that they make it using the charred remains of a coconut shell mixed with coconut flakes, coconut milk, and coconut cream. Yeah, a bonus for all the vegans out there—it's dairy free! But pretty much everyone seems to be eating it up.

And for the record, you actually can order Black Roses sprinkled with "unicorn tears" (a topping that basically looks like Fruity Pebbles cereal), if you want to have your super serious Goth ice cream and eat your unicorn tears, too.

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