Post Is Releasing Birthday Cake Pebbles in 2021

Because cereals can have birthday parties too.

fruity pebbles cereal
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Believe it or not, Post's pebbles (fruity, chocolate, or otherwise) have been around for a full 49 years, meaning that 2021 will mark the cereal's golden jubilee. That means it's been a part of childhoods for at least three generations at this point.

So how does a sugary cereal celebrate being five years away from collecting an AARP card? With some birthday cake, of course. That seems to be the thinking behind Birthday Cake Pebbles, which Instagram foodfluencer @Markie_Devo managed to get his hands on a bit early.

Though there's next to nothing known about the cereal itself or an official release date other than 2021 (to coincide with the 50th birthday mentioned on the box), it's tempting to speculate about this celebratory edition of Fred Flinstone's signature breakfast. If what we think of when we usually imagine "birthday" applied to sweet eats, it may end up looking something like a funfetti-style cereal, with white pebbles flecked with a rainbow of colors. If the slice of cake on the box and prominent use of pink is any guide, however, this could be the case of some special pink pebbles hitting our bowls next year. Maybe Cupcake Pebbles from 2010 will yield some clues.

This isn't the only new Pebbles-themed product to emerge recently. International Delight recently unveiled some Chocolate and Fruity Pebbles-flavored coffee creamers, also slated for a 2021 release. It would sure seem that Post has big plans to mark the 50th anniversary.

For now, we'll have to be patient, but it does seem that good news is on the horizon for next year—at least as far as one particular type of breakfast cereal is concerned. Still, you have to celebrate those little moments where you find them, even if it's just for a cereal's 50th birthday.

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