PSA: You Can Order a Birthday Cake at McDonald's

The rumors are true!

The other day, I discovered something mindblowing on TikTok. Along with your regular Big Mac and fry order (plus maybe a chocolate shake), you can pick up a birthday cake right from the drive-thru window at McDonald's.

This seemed way too good to be true, so I had to test it out myself. I won't lie to you — the first attempt was a total fail. The McDonald's employee gave my order a long, awkward pause before asking his manager, then responding with the fact that birthday cakes had not been on the menu for a long time. Disappointing.

But I wanted to give it one more go before calling this myth busted. And my man at the second McDonald's window, he really came through for me. After another long, rather uncomfortable pause (it was abundantly clear that this is not a common request) he replied, through laughs, "sure, I guess!" MAGIC.

Each kind employee I talked to in the drive-thru window was just as shocked as the last one. I proudly believe I might be the only customer to ever ask for one at this McDonald's location. One McDonald's staffer said "I've seen them in the freezer, but I didn't know we actually sold them." However, another told me that the employees often enjoy them in the back whenever someone is celebrating a birthday. Sounds like McDonalds' best kept secret.

For just $10.78, I received a frosted vanilla sheet cake with Ronald McDonald's likeness on top, delivered through my car window. It was very cold (yes, likely still frozen), but the flavor was just like that of a soft, frosted cookie you'd buy in the grocery store. To me, it tasted like the perfect sugary, vanilla treat that any kid would go crazy for on their birthday.

So, if it's your birthday, or the birthday of someone you love, take this as your sign to go order a birthday cake from McDonald's. And if they say no, just try again at the location around the corner.

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