Drop Everything Because Betty Crocker Is Making Dunkaroos Cookie Dough


There aren't a whole lot of "winners" in 2020 (unless you bought Zoom stock in February), but one could argue that Dunkaroos are among them. First resurfacing earlier this year, their return has been a hotly anticipated event, leading to rumors of a Dunkaroos cereal as well as the creation of an actual Dunkaroos beer.

To cap off that winning run, it looks like you can now get your hands on Dunkaroos cookie dough, according to an Instagram post by the brand itself.

Billed as sugar cookie dough with vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles, this Betty Crocker product seems like it marries the best of both halves of the Dunkaroos equation, specifically the cookie aspect as well as the frosting. It's essentially the same '90s snack you know and love, without the individual plastic containers.

What's even greater about Dunkaroos' cookie dough is the fact that you can exert control over the size of your cookie. Want to recreate the exact snack at home for maximum nostalgia? Go ahead and make yourself 24 mini cookies. Always wondered what it'd be like if you could combine those little cookie bits into one GIANT cookie? Well, it makes six "big" cookies as well.

dunkaroos sugar cookies

If there's anything not to love about this, it's that this Dunkaroos cookie dough is supposedly only going to be around for a limited time. While I'm never one to encourage hoarding, I guess that just means you should buy up a few packages if you happen to spot them at supermarket chains like HyVee, Kroger, Wakefern, Walmart, Wegmans, Albertsons, or Safeway.

Between the fact that everyone's baking and looking to escape the realities of the present through nostalgia, Dunkaroos cookie dough really couldn't have come at a better time. Here's hoping that "Limited Edition" label at least means it'll be around long enough to see us through to the other side of this pandemic.

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