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Betty Crocker No Bake Cookie Dough Mixes
Credit: Betty Crocker

You might love to sneak cookie dough out of the bowl when whipping up a dozen chocolate chip, but let's be real — you're not supposed to! Plus, if you eat too much, you might not have enough left for that recipe!

The solution? Betty Crocker just introduced the easiest no-bake cookie dough mix you've ever seen. With these mixes, you can enjoy that amazing cookie dough flavor in a no-bake formula that you're supposed to eat freely whenever you want. You just pour out the mix from the box, blend in butter and cream cheese to get it to stick and come together, and then dig on in and eat it.

They are safe to eat raw (that's the difference between cookie dough and these bites), and they are done in 15 minutes. Truly, it's so easy. There are a few flavors to enjoy: chocolate brownie, birthday cake, chocolate chip, peanut butter, cookies 'n' cream, and lemon mix. Plus, each one has a fun topping — think drizzle or sprinkles — so there's room to play around and make them festive.

Right now, the Betty Crocker No-Bake Cookie Dough Mixes are at select grocery stores, such as Walmart (find a retailer near you), for around $3 a box, but you can expect them to hit more retailers nationwide down the road.