New obsession: cucumber water. And not because it's a trendy spa drink. Nope. The real reason to love cucumber water comes down to three words: Better Call Saul.

Cucumber Lemon Mint Water
Photo by Vanessa Greaves

Fast Talking Is Thirsty Work

If you know who Saul is, you know about cucumber water. For the uninitiated, let me catch you up. Saul Goodman, played brilliantly by Bob Odenkirk, was Walter White's fast-talking "criminal" lawyer in Breaking Bad. His character was so instantly popular, he got his own spin-off after the series ended. (P.S. The new show's been crushing viewing stats ever since.)

In this prequel to Breaking Bad, Saul is a struggling attorney operating out of a closet in the backroom of an Albuquerque nail salon. And every time he walks through, he tries to snag a drink from a frosty tank of cucumber water, only to be snarled at by the owner, who says it's for customers only.

We feel for you, Saul. So, here's a refreshing sipper you can call your own.

Saul Goodman's Lemon Mint Cucumber Water (Not for Customers Only)

  • Scrub and thinly slice 1 cucumber and 1 lemon.
  • Put cucumber and lemon into a pitcher. Add several sprigs of fresh mint.
  • Fill pitcher with filtered water and refrigerate for 1 or 2 hours to infuse the water with maximum flavor.
  • Serve over ice, with maybe a little something extra in it because that's how Saul likes it when no one's around to stop him.

S'all good, man.

(Photo by Vanessa Greaves)