Eggplant is actually considered to be a fruit and not a vegetable. Some people love it, and others not so much — often claiming it's a texture thing. If you're on the fence with eggplant, try grilling it. When you cook eggplant on a grill or BBQ, it becomes succulent, tender, and develops a rich, deep flavor. It changes everything. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy grilled eggplant.

The best grilled eggplant recipes.

1. Chef John's Baba Ghanoush

In the words of Chef John, "this is a wonderfully savory yet refreshing vegetable dip". Here, the grilled eggplant is flavored with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. The dip gets an extra creamy consistency with the addition of Greek yogurt. Serve along warm pita bread.

Photo by by Romano Japitana

2. Grilled Eggplant Rollups

In this recipe, slices or grilled eggplant are wrapped around goat cheese and roasted red peppers. The creator of the recipes says, "couldn't be easier" and "is good served hot, cold, or as leftovers."

Photo by LilSnoo

3. Grilled Eggplant and Asparagus Salad

Yao-ming, who shared this recipe describes it as "Warm grilled eggplant, asparagus, and tomatoes top a bed of cool, crunchy romaine and endive lettuce with a balsamic vinegar dressing."

Photo by terra matris

4. Thai Charred Eggplant with Tofu

This recipe is made best with the Thai variety of eggplant, which is smaller in size, round in its shape, and has a bright green skin.

5. Eggplant Mixed Grill

In this colorful side dish, grilled eggplant is mixed with a variety of other grilled vegetables, including red onion, asparagus, crimini mushrooms, and bell peppers. Prior to grilling, the vegetables are marinated in olive oil, garlic, and lots of fresh herbs for ultimate flavor.

Photo by chef raju

6. Grilled Vegetables with Balsamic Vinegar

Here's another recipe where eggplant is mixed with a variety of vegetables and marinated prior to grilling. In this case, the marinade is a combination of olive oil, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar, which adds a touch of sweetness. Rusty's girl says "Wonderful! Great on a roll with garlic mayo and any kind of cheese. Yum!!"

Photo by terra matris

7. Melitzanosalata Agioritiki (Athenian Eggplant Salad)

The smoky flavor of eggplant in this salad really stands out against the briny feta, sweet tomato, and a simple vinaigrette. Our community member veka said "The recipe is great.I did not change anything and it was just like we eat in Thassos this summer."

8. Marinated Barbequed Vegetables

For a fun presentation, cut the eggplant, bell peppers, and zucchini into cubes, and skewer along with mushrooms. Brush the kabobs with basil-garlic vinaigrette as they grill and enjoy with a yogurt dipping sauce.

Photo by Cat Lady Cyndi

9. Grilled Eggplant, Tomato and Goat Cheese

These vegetarian stacks of grilled eggplant, tomatoes, and goat cheese, make for "a delicious, no fuss appetizer," says recipe submitter Bubba's Mom. We think it'll also go well over a grilled crostini topped with pesto.

Photo by Meredith

10. Grilled Eggplant Moussaka

For our final recipe, we chose this Greek layered lasagna, where slices of eggplant are grilled instead of fried. This lighter version of the Greek favorite comfort dish is perfect for summer.

Photo by Meredith