Try this unexpected way to keep ginger fresh and ready to use for weeks. Bonus: ginger-laced cocktails.

If you're like me, you love fresh ginger in everything from simple stir-fried greens to curry to teriyaki sauce. So I hate when I go to use it, only to find its shriveled remains in the fridge. Money wasted. And running to the store for one ingredient? Time wasted.

Yes, I've tried storing ginger in a zip-top bag, but that doesn't keep it fresh for long. And if I freeze it? It's fine for grating, but it's hard to slice and dice. So, what's the solution? Store peeled ginger in alcohol.

fresh ginger stored in jar with alcohol
Credit: Vanessa Greaves

How to Store Fresh Ginger in a Jar of Booze

Here's What You'll Need

  • Firm, glossy, unwrinkled ginger
  • Clean screw-top glass jar
  • Vodka, sake, dry sherry, or rice wine


1. Use a paring knife, vegetable peeler, or the edge of a spoon to scrape away the thin skin. Remove any dried or blemished areas. You can cut the ginger into large chunks or leave it whole.

2. Place peeled ginger in the jar. Cover with enough alcohol to completely submerge it. Screw the top on the jar and store it in the fridge.

To use the ginger. Remove it from the alcohol, pat dry, and grate, slice, or dice. You can put the unused portion right back into the jar, making sure it's completely submerged.

To use the ginger-booze. Taste it from time to time to see how gingery it gets. Your results will vary, depending on what kind of alcohol you use. If you fix some cocktails with it, just make sure to top up the jar again with the same kind of liquor. (So far, I think the vodka infusion is the best for drinking, but I'm trying it right now with sake because I want to use it to make teriyaki sauce.)

5 Reasons to Store Fresh Ginger in Booze

1. No more wasted, shriveled ginger.

2. The ginger retains its intense flavor and crisp texture for a good long time.

3. You can grate, slice, and dice only the amount you need and put the rest back in the jar.

4. Slash prep time because you don't have to peel ginger every time you want to cook with it.

5. Over time, the alcohol takes on a gingery zing while it's busy protecting that plump little rhizome from the deteriorating effects of oxidation. We're talking cocktails in the making.

Favorite Ways to Use Fresh Ginger

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banana gingerbread with vanilla glaze
Photo by Dianne
| Credit: Dianne

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Fast Salmon with a Ginger Glaze
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And about those ginger-laced cocktails:

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