10 Ice-Cold Summer Fruit Soups You'll Want To Dive Right Into

Cool off in the most delicious way with our most refreshing summer fruit soups. Not only are they gorgeous to behold, but there's also little to no cooking involved to heat up your kitchen while you turn out delectable soups you'd be proud to serve at any gathering.

1. Julia's Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon, cucumber, and sweet red bell peppers get all zesty with onion, jalapeño, ginger, and mint. Lutzflcat says, "Had very ripe watermelon and several other ingredients in this recipe that needed to be used up. This was a great way to avoid throwing them away, and a pleasant surprise because we REALLY enjoyed this gazpacho."

680013 Julia's Watermelon Gazpacho Photo by lutzflcat 650x465
Julia's Watermelon Gazpacho | Photo by lutzflcat.

2. Watermelon Soup

Just 4 ingredients go into this easy puréed watermelon soup. It takes just minutes to make, but be sure to let it chill in the fridge for a couple of hours to let the flavors develop -- it really does make all the difference. "Freeze this and it's an awesome watermelon slush," suggests Latasha Rockwell.

Watermelon Soup
Photo by Montana.

3. Chilled Cantaloupe Soup

Cantaloupe and orange juice take a ride in the blender with fresh lime juice and the merest hint of cinnamon. Several reviewers suggest cutting back on the juice a bit if you want a thicker soup.

Chilled Cantaloupe Soup
Photo by MIKE607.

4. Green Gazpacho

Honeydew melon, cucumber, and avocado give this gorgeous soup its cool green color, while jalapeño, garlic, lime, and white balsamic vinegar crank up the flavor. Jennifer says, "DELICIOUS! This got me to write a review for the first time."

861843 Green Gazpacho Photo by MrsFisher0729 650x465
Green Gazpacho | Photo by MrsFisher0729.

5. Strawberry Soup IV

You'll make a simple syrup of wine and sugar to sweeten this blended strawberry soup. Pam Ziegler Lutz says, "I never thought I would make a cold fruit soup. I stumbled upon this recipe and happened to have all the ingredients on hand. I'm very glad I tried it! It was cool and refreshing, perfect for summer."

Strawberry Soup
Photo by Meredith.

6. Tomato Basil Soup II

"I was surprised how good this was for limited ingredients and effort. I was looking for a good way to use up the tomatoes and basil in the garden and this was great on a hot summer night with a fresh baguette. FRESH BASIL is a MUST. Don't even bother with this recipe if you don't have it. I also cut back on the oil." -- Hatchi

Tomato Basil Soup II
Photo by Linda T. Linda T

7. Chilled Tomato and Avocado Soup

"I thought this soup was very tasty, and my family enjoyed it as well! It was a great idea for lunch on a hot day (we had Mexican BLT sandwiches as well)." -- JJ's Kitchen

Chilled Tomato and Avocado Soup
Photo by JJ'sKitchen.

8. Avocado Soup

Blend ripe avocados with tomato, cream, shallots, and chicken stock to make this rich and creamy soup. DANMILLER45 offers this dreamy assessment, "In the middle of an oppressively hot, humid Chicago summer, my wife and I chilled this soup in the fridge for five hours before serving under the shade of our oak tree in the backyard, and luxuriated in the taste, the texture and the coolness."

Avocado Soup
Photo by Danny Weeks.

9. Mango Gazpacho

This colorful bowl of goodness is made up of mango, cucumber, and bell peppers, along with onion, garlic, and jalapeños. Citrus juices bring the whole thing together to make a soup you'll never want to stop eating.

Mango Gazpacho
Photo by lutzflcat.

10. Gazpacho Verde with Burrata Cheese

"The burrata cheese was perfect. The final few spoonfuls after the creamy cheese mixed with the gazpacho are one of the best flavors I have ever tasted." -- Jerry Haynes. Watch Chef John as he makes this fresh cucumber, basil, and oregano soup.

More: Find out what burrata cheese is, and see how to use it to make some of the best food you've ever tasted.


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