The Secret Menu Items You Should Be Ordering From Sonic Drive-In

Looking for a little twist on your favorite drink or tater tots? We've got you covered.

A lineup of colorful Sonic drinks featuring that classic nugget ice and tall red straw.
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We've all seen old fashioned drive-in restaurants where servers come out in skates and serve you at the car window. Well, Sonic Drive-In is the answer to continue that sense of nostalgia. You remember those quirky commercials featuring two guys in a car conversing over their love of Sonic's hotdogs, ice cream, slushes, and tater tots. Oh, and let's not forget that they're the only fast food chain that has a happy hour.

It's a well-loved chain perfect for grabbing a few drinks with the "good ice," burgers, and ice cream. But if you're in the mood to be a bit adventurous, take a journey through Sonic's secret menu. There are tons of Reddit pages dedicated to this sought-after list.

Let's be clear, these items are not listed on the standard menu or on the mobile app. And there may be workers who are not aware of these items. So to play it safe, you may need order these items by their ingredients and not by popular names. Also be kind and courteous to the workers. If the location is busy, skip the secret menu. Let's dig in!

Sonic's Best Secret Menu Drinks

Dr. Pepper Orgasm

A fan of Dr. Pepper? This version adds another element then just sweetness and carbonation. Try adding some citrus. It is essentially Dr. Pepper, lemonade and blue Powerade. This drink is very refreshing and will be great for a hot summer day. Order a large Dr. Pepper with lemonade and Powerade. It will save you from any awkwardness and confusion by simply calling it by its given name.

Sonic Sunrise

This beverage is the perfect Saturday morning pick-me up. It has all of the elements of a brunch cocktail, but without the booze. Try ordering a cherry limeade with orange juice added in. It's tangy, vibrant, and tantalizing.

Slap Yo' Mama

This is another refreshing treat for all you lemonade fans out there: It's lemonade mixed with Powerade and raspberry syrup. I used to think mixing lemonade and Powerade was something I reserved for college students, but it seems that this mixture has an extended fan base. Lemonade tends to be overly sweet, and Powerade's slightly salty taste helps cuts through that.

Sonic's Best Secret Menu Food Items

Adult Grilled Cheese

A standard grilled cheese is already offered. It's nothing special, but you have the opportunity to spruce it up a bit. Try adding a slice of ham or bacon to the sandwich, and for a bit of kick, add some jalapeños. If you are really feeling fancy you can ask for even more additions, like tomato and onion.

Extreme Tots

Everyone loves tater tots. Your inner child just beams with excitement when you see them on the menu. Sonic is one of the few fast food chains that offers tots. What if I told you that you can make them even better? Sonic's "extreme tots" are basically the chili cheese tots that are already on the menu, but with added onion, ranch, and jalapeños. It's easily the best thing on the food menu.

Build Your Own Burger (Hot Chili Cheese Burger)

Take advantage of Sonic's build-your-own burger option. I recommend adding cheese, chili, onion, and jalapeños to make your own Hot Chili Cheeseburger. This pairs well with the extreme tots. And with a Dr. Pepper Orgasm to wash it all down, it's a good lunch.

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