Relax. It's the weekend — even if your weekend lands on a Monday and Tuesday — and there's no need to stress about making the morning meal a big deal. Here are our very best, top-rated quick and easy dishes that will make brunch a breeze.

Ready in 15 minutes. Two breakfast faves make a winning team in this wicked clever twist. Bonus: Clean up's extra easy when using that non-stick waffle iron.

Ready in 45 minutes. This crowd pleaser is perfect for brunch parties. Bonus: It's low carb and gluten-free.

650 x 465 102267894 baked denver omelet photo by Meredith

Ready in 40 minutes. When the soft, cake-y texture of donuts shows up in an adorable muffin, that's a big hit. Bonus: This baked treat is just 88 calories per serving. (You're gonna want seconds, of course.)

Donut Muffins. Photo by Samra Ali

Ready in 35 minutes. Your kitchen is going to smell amazing while these beautiful biscuits are baking. Load the golden, fluffy finished product with Super Easy Sausage Gravy or Easy Small Batch Blueberry Jam.

Best Buttermilk Biscuits
Photo by naples34012

Ready in 40 minutes. These adorable egg and sausage "muffins" are genius to make ahead and warm up when it's breakfast or brunch time. Pro tip: The recipe's creator used a turkey baster to add the egg mixture to the baking tin.

Breakfast Pies
Photo by Molly

Ready in 30 minutes. Don't spend a bunch of dough on this crunchy treat when it's this easy to make. After baking, sprinkle over a yogurt parfait or eat it by the handful. We won't tell.

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Photo by Holiday Baker

Ready in 20 minutes. This treasured family recipe makes for the kind of flapjack you dream about. It's fluffy and flavorful and takes just one bowl. Pro tip: To test whether the pan is hot enough for the batter, flick a few drops of water on the surface. It should bubble and evaporate instantly.

Stack of Pancakes
Stack of Pancakes | Photo by Meredith

Ready in 35 minutes. This one calls for just three ingredients, but those add up to huge, satisfying flavors. Bonus: Easy prep means you can get the kiddos to help roll these.