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If you or your Thanksgiving guests are following a meat-free, dairy-free, plant-based vegan diet, finding Thanksgiving dishes to suit your lifestyle isn't a stretch. After all, you have the pick of the autumn harvest for deeply flavored roasted vegetables, hearty casseroles, and an array of savory dressings — which just happen to be mostly plant-based from the get-go. We've rounded up some of our best Thanksgiving side dishes that are already vegan-friendly, along with a handful more that can be 100 percent plant-based with just a couple of easy ingredient swaps. These recipes are so tempting and flavorful, even non-vegans will love them.

Note: Strict vegans will want to use vegan-approved sweeteners in place of honey or commercially processed sugar in any recipe.

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Plant-Based Thanksgiving Side Dishes

If you're looking for vegan Thanksgiving side dish recipes, these recipes are good to go exactly as they are written.

1. Simple Roasted Butternut Squash

Just two ingredients go into this quick and easy Thanksgiving side dish. (We don't count oil, salt, and pepper.) "This is a winner," says home cook naples34102. "Easy to prepare, quick to roast, easy to serve and eat, pretty on the plate, and delicious. I simply added a little fresh chopped parsley to pretty it up."

2. Roasted Beets 'n' Sweets

Home cook Kaylee Maree says, "Great dish! I made this for both the Thanksgiving dinners we went to this year. My mom and grandmom don't like sweet potatoes but raved over this recipe. My aunt quickly called dibs on the small amount of leftovers we had."

Photo by SunnyDaysNora

3. Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Onions

This recipe has a lot of flavor and texture going for it. "The sweet potatoes and onions were carmelized and delicious, and the almonds were a surprising crunch," says home cook Jacui. "And the sweetness of the amaretto was just right."

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

4. Easy Vegan Sheet Pan Roasted Cauliflower, Tomatoes, and Garbanzo Beans

"My vegan guests loved it...and as for a non-vegan I found it pretty good also." — Bente Brenna

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

5. Quinoa Stuffing

Vegan and gluten-free! "I made this for a party where there were some who eat gluten-free, and it was a big hit even among those who are gluten lovers, says Rachel Bank. "I had many recipe requests!"

6. Root Vegetable Bake

"My husband and I both liked this," says home cook holly. "It has a Thanksgiving type of flavor. I followed the recipe exactly except I didn't use jicama because I couldn't find it at the store. You can kind of mix it up depending on what you like (add more sweet potatoes, less turnips, etc.)."

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

7. Balsamic Butternut Squash with Kale

This vegan wonder is a great one to for a large group: "I doubled the recipe to take to a potluck dinner party," says Horseshoe Creek Farm. "It was a hit. I will definitely make it again."

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

8. Holiday Cranberry Sauce

"This was my first time ever making cranberry sauce from scratch," says home cook JELLISSA. "I have always used the canned jelly to go with my turkey dinner. All these years I've been deprived of the real thing, just because of pure laziness. What was I thinking??? This year I used this recipe and it was phenomenal. I didn't changed a thing and it was so easy to make."

Photo by larksput

Almost-There Plant-Based Thanksgiving Side Dishes

These recipes are so close to being vegan — and SO delicious — that we had to include them. Just one or two simple ingredient swaps are needed to go from almost-there-vegan, to 100 percent plant-based. For example, you could use plant-based butter instead of dairy butter in vegetarian dishes when you want a vegan option.

9. Sweet Potatoes with Brandy and Raisins

Just rub the inside of the baking dish with a plant-based butter instead of of butter and this side is vegan-ready. Home cook Mauigirl loves "the fact that they are NOT overly sweet, and the brandy compliments the potatoes beautifully and the raisins add a nice touch."

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

10. Tarragon Stuffing

Not only is this recipe a lifesaver if you're in a hurry like chefaheroo — "made this as a last-resort after not having enough time to prepare our traditional stuffing, but now we may have a replacement!" — it's also just a plant-based butter away from being a vegan dish. So easy!

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

11. Portobello Mushroom Stuffing

Home cook AZFEMALE has a tip for turning this easy recipe vegan (and also a great make-ahead tip!): "I used vegetable broth instead of chicken and cooked the mushroom/vegetable mixture the night before and refrigerated it. Then an hour before dinner I reheated the mushroom mixture and then continued the recipe. Absolutely the best stuffing we have ever had!"

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

12. Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Pistachios

By far the best I've ever tasted, let alone prepared myself. I used Maui sweet onion and pecans instead, because I didn't have red onion or pistachios. My husband even liked this recipe, and he usually hates Brussel sprouts. Deeeelicious!" raves SusieQ.

Photo by pomplemousse

13. Acorn Squash

"This was fantastic," says Paige. "My husband, who is not crazy about squash, and my two-year-old, who is not crazy about anything nutritious, both loved it. It really couldn't be easier." It's also a cinch to make vegan by using plant-based butter.

Photo by squirt422

14. Bread and Celery Stuffing

Chicken stock and poultry seasoning can easily be swapped out for vegetable stock and vegetable seasoning in this recipe that Cathy's Kitchen says "was a hit at our last Thanksgiving dinner. My husband was skeptical (his mom's recipe is 'the best') but now he wants me to make this every year!!"

15. Sesame Green Beans

"They're just so easy to make, and I love how I don't have to use any butter," says annersmarie. And to make this recipe vegan, simply use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock.

Photo by Dianne

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