The 5 Best New Products at Trader Joe's in February 2023

Most of them are limited time only, so snap them up while you can!

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The start of a new month means a new Fearless Flyer from our favorite grocery store. Trader Joe's is kicking off February with the return of many seasonal favorites, but also a whole lineup of brand new products. We took a grocery trip to check out the new goods and find our absolute favorites. Here are five you should absolutely "add to cart" on your next TJ's run.

Trader Joe's Calabrian Chili Spicy Pasta Sauce

A jar of Trader Joe's Calabrian Chili Pasta Sauce
Trader Joe's/Allrecipes

This Calabrian Chili Spicy Pasta Sauce is rich without using a drop of cream in the recipe. The traditional tomato-based sauce is thick and has an added kick of heat from Italian Calabrian chiles. Thin it out with a splash of the pasta cooking water to help it perfectly coat each noodle.

We love this one simply tossed with pasta and topped with a little shaved Toscano cheese and chopped fresh basil. But Trader Joe's also suggests using it as pizza sauce or as a dipping sauce for bite-sized snacks like mozzarella sticks.

Trader Joe's Cheddar Jalapeño Pull Apart Bread

A package of Trader Joe's Cheddar Jalapeño Pull Apart Bread
Trader Joe's/Allrecipes

Ready for your hungry Super Bowl crowd? There's something festive about serving pull apart bread. It's casual and inviting and there's no doubt about how it is to be enjoyed.

This new Cheddar Jalapeño Pull Apart Bread starts with an airy dough similar to focaccia. It's sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese and sliced jalapeño peppers and separated into small balls that can easily be ripped away and devoured.

All you have to do is pop the "loaf" in the oven to heat it through. The result is a warm bread with gooey melted cheese and bits of slightly-crunchy jalapeños.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Ice Cream and Raspberry Sorbet Swirl

A pint of Trader Joe's Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream Sorbet
Trader Joe's/Allrecipes

Can't decide between ice cream and sorbet? Ice cream is rich and creamy, while sorbet is refreshing and light. Everyone wins with this new frozen treat from Trader Joe's.

Decadent chocolate ice cream is swirled with ribbons of tart raspberry sorbet in this double-the-delicious treat. Chocolate and raspberry already make a great pair, and this combination gives a balance of creamy ice cream with the icy cool berry sorbet.

Serve the Chocolate Raspberry Swirl in a glass with a pair of Trader Joe's Chocolate and Vanilla French Macarons tucked on the side for an elegant end to your romantic Valentine's day meal.

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Inspired Joe-Joe's Sandwich Creme Cookies

A box of Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Joe Joe's
Trader Joe's/Allrecipes

Trader Joe's has taken the warmth of cinnamon spice and the taste of the sugary drizzle that tops a cinnamon bun and made it into a box of cookies for snack time.

These cookies are made with the same classic sandwich crème cookie construction as the popular original Joe-Joe's (a copycat of Oreos). But this new addition to the Joe-Joe's lineup swaps out the chocolate wafer cookies for two cookies that have a graham cracker vibe and are dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar, then filled with vanilla crème to mimic cinnamon bun icing.

Hot Cocoa Inspired Cream Cheese Spread

A tub of Trader Joe's Hot Cocoa Cream Cheese with another tub of the same flavor balanced on top of it to show the lid.
Trader Joe's/Allrecipes

This new flavored cream cheese contains a recipe that's unique to Trader Joe's. A creamy cheese base, made from pasteurized milk and cream, is blended with cocoa for a smooth spread sweetened with sugar and balanced with a touch of salt. The flavor is reminiscent of chocolate cheesecake or homemade brownies with a cream-cheese swirl.

That subtle hint of natural vanilla flavor will remind you of marshmallows floating in a mug of hot cocoa. The TJ's employee who helped us find this product playfully warned us just how hard it is to put this cream cheese away. "Do NOT put this on a bagel or toast!" she joked with a wink of her eye. "It's that good."

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