The kitchen is a fantastic place to nurture beautiful plants for your home. Here, 7 great houseplants that will be happy and at home in your kitchen.
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House Plants in Kitchen
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Greenery can certainly brighten up a space, offering aesthetic appeal and helping you connect to nature. Being in nature for 120 minutes a week has even been linked to better health and happiness, too. So bring that nature right into your own kitchen for daily benefits.

Now it's just a matter of which plants to choose. You'll want to put houseplants that offer those health benefits and can make your kitchen look beautiful and peaceful to the eye. We decided to ask the experts for advice on which plants to pick when decorating your kitchen and home. You can't go wrong with any of these, so pick one to keep it plain and simple, or mix and match with a couple of different ones.

1. Ivy

Having an ivy plant at home can keep your kitchen clean and fresh. "Ivy is a great houseplant for kitchens without much space. You can easily grow ivy in a hanging basket, where its pointed green leaves will tumble over the side without taking up valuable counter space," says Sam Coppard, horticultural expert for Candide Gardening. "Ivy is one of the best houseplants for purifying the air, but you should make sure it's kept well out of reach as ivy is poisonous to cats and dogs," he adds. So, keep it on a counter where animals can't get near.

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2. White Jasmine

The name alone sounds lovely and calming, right? "White jasmine is famous for its beautiful flowers and sweet fragrance. It grows well in bright, indirect light, and those gorgeous flowers will bloom through the winter," Coppard says.

White jasmine will last long, and it'll definitely add a pop of color, scent, and happiness into your kitchen. "The fragrance is subtle and delicate, so it won't overpower all the other great smells in the kitchen, but it's enough to mask any unpleasant smells if you keep it by the bins," he says.

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Aloe Vera in Planter
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3. Aloe Vera

Apart from lathering aloe vera over a sunburn or an itchy, red rash, you can store a plant in your kitchen, too. Plus, you don't need to tend to it as you would other plants and flowers. "Aloe vera is famously hard to kill, and it will happily bounce back after being neglected for weeks or months," says Coppard. "So no matter how bad you are at keeping plants alive, your aloe vera should survive," he adds. And it's especially good in the kitchen for when you inevitably burn yourself on the stove. "Just cut off one of the lower leaves and rub the interior gel on the burn for almost immediate relief," he says. Voila!

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4. Orchid

While a bit expensive, orchids are stunning and last a long time if you care for them properly. "The humidity from a kitchen sink is ideal for all epiphytes, [which are] plants that collect moisture and nutrients from the air," says Shane Pliska, owner of Planterra Interior Landscaping. It's also a popular spot to place orchids that have completed their bloom cycle while you wait for the next bloom, he says. "When the days just start to get longer in February and March, is a good time to look out for new buds," he adds.

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5. Stevia

Stevia is a cool looking plant and makes a unique addition to your kitchen. "As a natural sweetener with no calories, it's also useful to have on hand for any recipes that require sugar," says Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD, co-founder of Loud Cloud Health. "It grows pretty fast and does well in shaded areas, so you can easily grow one in the kitchen. Just be careful in the winter, as it is sensitive to cold temperatures, making the kitchen a perfect place to grow it in," he says.

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6. Peppermint

"The best thing about having peppermint in the kitchen is its fresh minty aroma. You can snip off a few leaves to make fresh tea, which is good for your digestion," says Djordjevic. It's also a great source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin B, all of which can make you healthier at home, too. "Just make sure to keep it in the shade and well-trimmed so it doesn't take over your kitchen," he says.

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7. Kimberly Queen Fern

"Your kitchen is often a bit more humid than most other rooms in your home. Choose plants that will thrive in the extra humidity, such as the Kimberly Queen Fern," says Plant Mom, the resident plant expert at Bloomscape. "This plant grows upright, making it perfect for hanging baskets, and its long, vertical, sword-shaped fronds never leave a mess," she says. The Kimberly Queen Fern is a low-maintenance choice that also has the benefit of cleaning and filtering the air of pollutants and toxins, so you can stay healthy year-round, too.

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