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Best Honey
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Whether you drizzle it on your oatmeal, blend it with butter to smear over biscuits, or use a dollop in your tea, honey is a must-have for any kitchen. But if you want to expand beyond the basic honey that comes in a bear-shaped bottle, there's a world of honey varieties that offer different tastes and textures.

After trying over 40 types of honey from dozens of brands, we've narrowed the best honeys into 10 distinct categories, each with a winner and runner-up. Backed by our testing, we found that Honest Raw Honey is the best raw honey.

Best Raw Honey

a jar of Honest Raw Honey on a white background
Credit: Amazon

Winner: Honest Raw Honey, $14;
Irresistibly creamy and thick enough to be spread with a spoon, Honest Raw Honey will upgrade any toast or tea that it comes in contact with. And since it's totally raw and unaltered, you'll be sure to reap all the health benefits that honey has to offer. We also love that Honest is sustainable and responsible in its production, owning its own hives and producing everything "from hive to bottle" in the USA. And, it's even kosher.

Runner Up: Desert Creek Raw Texas Honey, $12;

Best Wildflower Honey

Raw Wildflower Honey
Credit: The Honey Jar

Winner: The Honey Jar Wildflower Honey, $7;
With an amber color and robust taste, this Wildflower Honey from The Honey Jar is the perfect choice for a classic honey flavor. Their honey is a polyfloral variety, which means a multitude of nectars are collected by the bees to create it. Therefore, the flavor and color varies slightly from season to season.

Runner Up: Stonewall Kitchen Wild Flower Honey, $13;

Best Clover Honey

Cox's Raw Honey - Unfiltered Liquid Honey
Credit: Amazon

Winner: Cox's Pure Clover Honey, $25;
"Liquid gold" would be the easiest way to describe Cox's Pure Clover Honey. The flavor is mild, and the consistency is easy to pour, making it great for both sweet and savory uses in the kitchen.

Runner Up: AR's Southern Clover Honey, $7;

Best Organic Honey

Thrive Market Organic Raw Unstrained Honey on a white background
Credit: Thrive market

Winner: Thrive Market Organic Super Raw Honey, $12;
The real thing that made Thrive Market's Organic Super Raw Honey stand out from the competition was the texture. It's thick and spreadable, just asking to be eaten straight out of the jar as an indulgent treat.

Runner Up: Thrive Market Organic Honey Bear, $5;

Best Creamed Honey

Kidd Bros Creamed Honey on a white background
Credit: Amazon

Winner: Kidd Bros. Creamed Honey, $26;
With a silky smooth texture and rich taste, the creamed honey from Kidd Bros. was the stand-out winner. The packaging was also a bonus, with a top opening tub for easy access.

Runner Up: Desert Creek Honey's Cinnamon Creamed Honey, $11;

Best Flavored Honey

a squeeze bottle of Firebee Elderberry Honey
Credit: Firebee

Winner: Firebee Elderberry Honey, $16;
It's hard to resist Firebee's Elderberry Honey, which is dark and packed with bold fruity flavor. Use it in your favorite recipes, or as a sore throat solution thanks to honey's soothing nature and elderberry's immune-boosting qualities.

Runner Up: Firebee Chocolate Honey, $16;

Best Spicy Honey

AR's Hot-Hot Southern Honey
Credit: AR's Hot Southern Honey

Winner: AR's Hot-Hot Southern Honey, $10;
The heat and sweet in AR's Hot-Hot Southern Honey are perfectly balanced, starting cloyingly on the tongue before kicking up a growing spiciness at the back of your throat thanks to bold habaneros. It would be excellent drizzled over chicken and waffles, biscuits, or even pizza.

Runner Up: Fuego Spice Co. Hot Hive Spicy Honey, $15;

Best Aged Honey

Red Clay Barrel Aged Hot-Hot Honey
Credit: Red Clay

Winner: Red Clay Barrel Aged Hot-Hot Honey, $10;
Red Clay manages to combine sweet wildflower honey with fiery habanero pepper mash and age them together to spicy perfection in bourbon barrels. The lightly woodsy flavor, along with burst of heat, makes this honey an excellent addition to savory dishes or mixed into a cocktail.

Runner Up: AR's Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot-Hot Southern Honey, $20;

Best Honey Sticks

The Honey Jar - Variety Pack Honey Sticks 50 Count
Credit: Amazon

Winner: The Honey Jar Flavored Honey Sticks, $10;
An excellent pick-me-up or sweet treat, the Honey Jar's Honey Sticks have 10 delicious flavors, from green apple to vanilla, so you'll never grow bored with variety. These are also fun for putting into goodie bags or acting as stocking stuffers over the holidays.

Runner Up: Homestead Honey Native Wildflower Honey Sticks, $11;

Best Honey Gift Set

Desert Creek Honey Large Wooden Gift Box
Credit: Desert Creek Honey

Winner: Desert Creek Honey Large Wooden Gift Box, $49;
The perfect way to show someone you appreciate them, the Desert Creek Honey Gift Box is the ultimate "sweet" gift. The decorative wooden box comes ribbon wrapped with a jar each inside of Raw Texas Honey, Creamed Cinnamon Honey, and Pecan Creamed Honey.

Runner Up: AR's The Hot Southern Honey Sampler 3-Pack, $40;

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