By Carl Hanson

These 5-star casseroles feature healthy ingredients and fewer calories than most. Hearty and comforting, they do it deliciously with fresh vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. They're the healthy casserole recipes the whole family will love.

The Best Healthy Casseroles

A healthier take on broccoli casserole, this one combines broccoli florets with sauteed onion, bell pepper, mushrooms topped with a whole-grain bread crumbs and romano cheese mixture. Nat rates it five stars: "Excellent! Used fresh broccoli with great results!"

Healthy Broccoli Cheese Bake
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Here's an eggplant Parmesan with fewer calories. This casserole-style method is much easier than traditional eggplant Parms. And it might also be the eggplantiest eggplant casserole out there, because Chef John also creates an eggplant and tomato sauce. The trick to cutting back significantly on the calories is to keep the eggplant slices from absorbing loads of oil. It's a simple technique.

"Quick, simple, tasty, and nourishing," says loveroflife. "I feel like my body is saying thank you while I eat it."

Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls
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"This is my slightly healthier and much spicier version of this yummy comfort food," says tolunda. "I threw it together with the veggies I had on hand and it turned out delicious. We like everything pretty insanely spicy, so if you don't, just omit the habanero and serrano peppers."

Spicy Chicken Broccoli Casserole with Fresh Arugula
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Refried beans, prepared enchilada sauce, and ground turkey are layered like lasagna and baked for a lower-fat Tex Mex-inspired version of the popular casserole.

Mexican Lasagna Lite
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Lots of healthy stuff in this quick-and-easy curried chicken casserole, including brown rice, tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, and a bright squeeze of lemon juice. "Absolutely delicious," says agoodwin0123. "Easy, inexpensive, healthy, and fast to prepare."

Curried Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole
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"The smells and flavors of the sun-dried tomatoes and basil were amazing! This recipe is now a family favorite...easy to make and fills the house with the most wonderful aroma."

spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese on top of pita bread
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