Which of these supermarkets have you tasted your way through?

Testing free samples ranks among the most delightful aspects of grocery shopping. Free cheese? Yes, please. Orzo pasta salad? Of course. A shot of coffee? Is that even a question? When it comes to supplying free bites and beverage tastings, however, some stores have a notable edge over others.

Time and again, the following supermarkets have ensured that sampling their products isn't just an option but an experience. Of course, grocery stores had to adjust their methods of distributing samples during the pandemic, even suspending freebies altogether, and you'll still notice some precautions. That said, you should see more and more sample stations returning to stores. Here's where to shop for the best free samples in 2021.


Costco store in Teterboro, New Jersey

Like the store itself, Costco's selection of free samples is vast and varied, with everything from sushi rolls to spanakopita. And because the store touts unlimited samples, you can indeed go back for seconds of your favorites, no questions asked.

Whole Foods

whole foods
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While you can find a few sample setups around the health food chain, it actually makes our list thanks to a policy that allows you to sample just about anything with an employee's help. That's right, if you speak with an employee and ask to try a food or beverage, they'll likely open the product for you to taste -- and start handing out samples to other curious shoppers, too.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Getty 7/17/20
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Your nearest Trader Joe's likely keeps a sample station stocked with free bites, if not coffee samples too. Yet, you're not limited to what's on the counter if you speak to an employee about sampling a product or two. They can provide you a taste of almost anything, even wine!


Jeff Greenberg/Getty Images

This regional grocer and its natural- and organic-focused offshoot, Publix GreenWise Market, keep shoppers happy with samples of specialty items like guacamole and baked goods, namely sheet cake and, for kids who stop at the store's bakery, whole cookies. Many locations will also slice you a taste of their deli meat and cheese to ensure that it's just what you want.

Sam's Club

sams club
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This warehouse chain also boasts a sizable sample selection. Sam's Club's signature Taste and Tips sampling and demo program has kept the free food and beverages flowing for almost 40 years, and allows members to write in reviews of the products.