From an Oreo dream house to a saccharine chicken coop, here are 12 gingerbread house kit gems.

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Holiday Gingerbread Row House Kit - 53.55oz - Wondershop
Credit: Target

We'll be the first to admit that decorating gingerbread houses still delights us as adults. But we know too well that starting from scratch can end with four cookie walls caving and tears flooding in. So, we indulged ourselves in a house-hunting spree to scout out our favorite gingerbread house kits of the season. From an Oreo dream house to miniature gingerbread village, here are 12 gingerbread gems. We're confident that kids will approve, too.

OREO Gingerbread House Kit

OREO Gingerbread House Kit
Photo: OREO

Top pre-baked chocolate cookie pieces with Oreo cookies and mini cookies to create a well-rounded aesthetic. Fruity gummies and candy jewels add color.

Buy it: $10.99 at Big Lots

Holiday Gingerbread Row House Kit

Holiday Gingerbread Row House Kit - 53.55oz - Wondershop
Credit: Target

Everyone knows that three gingerbread houses are better than one. Plus, more houses means less fighting.

Buy it: $14.99 at Target

Italian Silicone Gingerbread House Mold

fancy gingerbread house mold
Credit: Food52

Those with serious confidence in their baking skills may just want to try making their own gingerbread house. This Italian silicone mold from Food52 makes one cute cottage.

Buy it: $40 at Food52

Sprinkle Gingerbread House Kit

Sprinkle Gingerbread House Kit
Credit: Sprinkle Pop

Delicate sprinkles — including silver beads, white snowflakes, and the tiniest trees — set this gingerbread house apart.

Buy it: $34.99 at Amazon

Holiday Camper Gingerbread Cookie Kit

Holiday Camper Gingerbread Cookie Kit
Photo: Brand Castle
| Credit: Brand Castle

Orange frosting and sprinkles resembling classic colored lights lend this gingerbread camper a cool retro vibe.

Buy it: $9.99 at World Market

Prebuilt Gingerbread House Kit

prebuilt gingerbread house kit
Credit: World Market

Real MVPs know that a pre-made gingerbread house is the way to go. Nothing dampens the gingerbread house process more than the walls caving in.

Buy it: $19.99 at World Market

Candyland Gingerbread House Kit

Candyland Gingerbread House Kit
Photo: World Market

Complete with fruity gummies, candy stars, candy jewels, sprinkles, and mint swirls, this board game-inspired kit is a winner.

Buy it: $13.99 at World Market

Wondershop Gingerbread Classic House Kit

Target Classic Gingerbread House
Photo: Target

This kit stands out for its mix of fun, edible decor fun additions (tree gummies!) and traditional toppings like gumdrops and peppermints.

Buy it: $9.99 at Target

Wilton Build-It-Yourself Gingerbread Mini Village Decorating Kit

Wilton Build-It-Yourself Gingerbread Mini Village Decorating Kit
Photo: Wilton

What's sweeter than a gingerbread house? A village of mini gingerbread houses, with a selection of simple candies to top them off.

Buy it: $31.95 at Amazon

Barbie Cookie Dreamhouse Kit

barbie dreamhouse gingerbread
Credit: World Market

In addition to showcasing Barbie's extremely good taste, this gingerbread kit features three tubes of different-colored icing with tips for easy execution.

Buy it: $14.99 at World Market

Wilton Ready-to-Decorate Gingerbread House Decorating Kit

wilton prebuilt gingerbread house kit
Credit: Amazon

Baking giant Wilton also offers their own pre-built gingerbread house kit. If you're looking for something a little different, they also make a chocolate gingerbread cookie house and a gingerbread barn.

Buy it: $24.99 at Amazon

Gingerbread Chicken Coop Cookie Kit

gingerbread chicken coop with yellow background
Credit: Tractor Supply Co.

This gingerbread chicken coop might be the sweetest cookie construction we've seen all year. And yes, it comes with gingerbread chicks.

Buy It: $7.99 at Tractor Supply Co.