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assorted frozen pizzas on an orange and blue background
Credit: Alex's Awesome Sourdough, Publix, and Walmart

Frozen pizza is a state of mind. It's an easy, satisfying fix, and doesn't require much energy, aside from putting some food in your oven and waiting for a while.

Even though we love to cook, the team at Allrecipes suffers from kitchen fatigue just like the rest of you. That's when we give the stage to frozen pizza, our low-maintenance, always-delicious savior.

If you're in a cooking rut or just want to expand your frozen pizza options, we've rounded up our favorites that fit a variety of price points and palates. Enjoy these as-is, or give them a quick upgrade.

Amy's Cheese Pizza

amy's frozen cheese pizza
Credit: Walmart

There is frozen pizza, and then there is Amy's frozen pizza. And although I don't know what exactly Amy's does to their frozen pizzas, I do know that it works.

Maybe it's the robust tomato sauce or the fact that the crust doesn't taste or feel like cardboard, both blessings from the use of organic ingredients. Or maybe it's the fact that you can eat a whole one without feeling crummy the next day. Whatever it is, all I know is that in an ideal world, there would be an Amy's pizza in every freezer.

Buy it: $8.42; Walmart

DiGiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust Supreme Pizza

digiorno supreme frozen pizza stuffed crust
Credit: Walmart

DiGiorno's Supreme Pizza is such an irrefutable classic that it entered our pool of best frozen pizzas multiple times. The toppings on this one are so delectable that people compare it to delivery pizza (hence DiGiorno's slogan), and let's be real: A stuffed crust will always take pizza farther. Not into all that extra cheese? In that case, let us recommend DiGiorno's Rising Crust Supreme Pizza.

Buy it: $9.28; Walmart

Greenwise Organic Margherita Pizza

greenwise margherita pizza organic
Credit: Instacart

You know how some frozen pizzas leave you feeling bloated or like you've got a hangover from sodium? This organic margherita pizza from Publix's organic brand Greenwise doesn't. It's light and delicious, and thanks to the aromatic organic basil and garlic, it's a tier above your standard frozen pizza. In fact, it doesn't taste like frozen pizza at all.

Buy it: $6.63; Instacart

Palermo's Primo Thin Pepperoni Pizza

palermo's primo thin pepperoni pizza
Credit: Instacart

"I don't like thick, chewy pizza crust," says senior editor Kimberly Holland. "Cracker crust is ideal to me. And while this isn't crunchy, it's perfectly crisp with just enough chew to be completely satisfactory. The sauce is also pitch perfect. I think most frozen pizzas have sauces that are too sweet (most sauces are too sweet period). And finally, the toppings feel very premium, even though the pizza itself is usually a bit of a bargain price."

Buy it: $7.47; Instacart

DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza on a Croissant Crust

digiorno three meat pizza with croissant crust

Earlier this year, Digiorno completely changed the frozen pizza game with their innovative croissant crust. And that buttery, delectable crust only makes the delightfully savory experience of eating pizza even better.

Buy it: $7.48; Walmart

Alex's Awesome Sourdough Sunflower Pesto Organic Pizza

alex's awesome sourdough crust pizza in sunflower pesto
Credit: Alex's Awesome Sourdough

There's a strong chance you got into sourdough this year, and one place where sourdough really shines is pizza crust. Alex's Awesome Sourdough pizzas are yeasty and tangy on the bottom and light, yet flavorful on top. Plus, this sunflower pesto is a nice reprieve for those who suffer from tree nut allergies.

Buy it: $11.79, Instacart

Daiya Dairy-Free Supreme Frozen Pizza

daiya supreme gluten-free pizza
Credit: Target

"I love the Daiya Supreme Pizza because it has everything I want in a supreme pizza — perfectly spiced sausage, fresh tasting veggies, and plenty of gooey cheese — while somehow being vegan," says associate editor Haley Sugg. "The crust is delightfully crispy and gets a great golden brown, you'd never guess that it's gluten-free."

Buy it: $6.99; Target

California Pizza Kitchen Four Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza

california pizza kitchen four cheese thin crust frozen pizza
Credit: Walmart

If you like a thin, crispy crust, then you'll like California Pizza's Four Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza. This baby has a blend of fontina, hickory smoked gouda, and two different mozzarella cheeses on top, which makes it stand out from the average frozen pizza. This simple, yet satisfying pizza also makes a fantastic canvas for whatever toppings you have on hand.

Buy it: $7.48, Walmart