12 of the Best Food Podcasts for Home Cooks in 2021

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Best Food Podcasts for Home Cooks
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Listen up, home cooks! We've tuned in to the top-rated food podcasts to find the best series for you — the podcasts that cater not to cooking school grads but to, well, the rest of us. Whether you're interested in cooking tips and techniques, outrageous food facts, or heartening interviews, we've recapped the podcasts that will whet your appetite for more.

1. The Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Counter Podcast

For step-by-step cooking tips, look no further than the Kitchen Counter podcast. In "Let's Cook" episodes, host Roger talks listeners through prepping dishes like chicken marsala, shrimp etouffee, and potatoes au gratin. He dedicates other episodes to equipment (like Instant Pot basics) and techniques, such as barbequing chicken.

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2. The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table

From its approachable, engaging discussions about food to its award-winning host, food journalist Francis Lam, The Splendid Table lives up to its name. Listen for expert interviews, audience Q&As, and Lam's infectious laugh.

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3. Home Cooking

Home Cooking

Friends Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway have joined forces (from more than six feet apart) to create a mini-series all about cooking at home during the COVID-19 pandemic on their Home Cooking podcast. Nosrat, a chef and author of Salt Fat Acid Heat, shares smart ideas for cooking with the ingredients you have on hand. Hirway, a podcaster, musician, and "not much of a cook," brings plenty of puns and questions.

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4. The Sporkful

The Sporkful

Since 2010, award-winning host Dan Pashman has delved into tons of topics with the detail and drive of a journalist on The Sporkful. Whether covering current events or human-interest stories, episodes teach listeners about food from ever-interesting angles. Think "How To Taste Food Like A Flavor Chemist" and "Bringing Georgia O'Keeffe To Life, One Recipe At A Time."

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5. Local Mouthful

Local Mouthful
Apple Podcasts

Food writer Joy Manning and Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars talk home cooking and simple ingredient hacks with food news, interviews, and product reviews peppered in. Practical, relatable, and genuine, Local Mouthful delights as a conversation between home cooks, for home cooks.

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6. Tanya's Table

Tanya's Table
Tanya Holland

Chef Tanya Holland's charisma and experience as a restaurateur, cookbook author, and culinary diplomat make her a natural for interviewing tastemakers of all kinds. As the host of Tanya's Table, she initiates candid conversations about food, culture, and more with guests like Alice Waters, Carla Hall, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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7. Preheated


Though Preheated co-hosts Andrea Ballard and Stefin Kohn live on different continents, you'd think these baking buddies were recording episodes from the same kitchen table. Between laughter and lighthearted stories, Ballard and Kohn dish on their latest baking projects, from lemon sour cream pie to Japanese fluffy white bread.

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8. Gastropod

Gastro Pod

Gastropod co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley answer the food questions we never knew we had. Like, is white bread better than whole-wheat bread? Is a doughnut pizza a pizza? And where were all the red M&M's during most of the 1980s? Graber and Twilley piece each episode together with science, history, and humor.

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9. Proof

America's Test Kitchen

You might assume a podcast from America's Test Kitchen would share kitchen gadget reviews and tried-and-tested cooking tips. But Proof uncovers the unexpected, even mysterious stories behind food. In one episode, host Bridget Lancaster interviews witnesses to a chili cook-off scandal. In another, she reveals how an intricate replica of Queen Elizabeth's cake was vandalized and then rebuilt with modern technology.

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10. Green Eggs and Dan

podcast graphic for Green Eggs and Dan

Comedian, actor, and amateur chef Dan Ahdoot begins each episode of Green Eggs and Dan with a refrigerator raid. Ahdoot gives listeners a look into the refrigerators of fellow comics, actors, writers, and chefs, which opens the door to funny, fascinating discussions. After all, a fridge full of Guy Fieri salsa (to call out one guest) makes quite the conversation starter.

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11. Counterjam

Counterjam podcast art

Food and music take center stage in Counterjam from Food52. Food culture expert Peter J. Kim mans the mic, talking to chefs, musicians, and celebrities about food and music. These topics prompt larger conversations about cultural identities, including Kim's own Korean-American upbringing in the debut episode. Plus, catch music from independent artists in between stories.

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12. Homemade

Homemade Podcast

We don't mean to brag on our own podcast. But trust us, it's totally merited. Homemade from Allrecipes celebrates home cooking, handed-down recipes, and the stories behind them. Host Martie Duncan (author, home cook, and Next Food Network Star finalist) gets to the heart of what cooking means to her guests through nostalgia, banter, and stirring questions. It's the podcast equivalent of comfort food.

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Bonus: Biscuits & Jam

Biscuits and Jam
Southern Living

We're smitten with Biscuits & Jam from Southern Living. It's more niche than the average food podcast — Editor-in-Chief Sid Evans interviews celebrity musicians about growing up Southern and launching their careers. But stories about family meals and comfort food will satisfy anyone with an appetite for Southern cooking.

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