By Carl Hanson

These Easter brunch or Easter dinner appetizers feature spring's freshest ingredients. They're some of our top Easter appetizer recipes -- perfect kick-offs for your special Easter meal.

Easter Appetizer Ideas

1. Chef John's Asparagus Tart

This flaky veggie pastry is not only beautiful and delicious, it's also remarkably easy -- and an impressive Easter appetizer. You'll spread a little creamy mayonnaise sauce on the bottom of the pastry and then top it with briefly blanched asparagus spears. Dust lightly with Parmesan cheese and pop in the oven. It's the perfect savory tart for spring. This impressive treat can be served piping hot, warm, or even cold. "As long as you're pretty good at making rectangles, and trimming things to the right length, this recipe is a breeze," says Chef John. "By the way, I'll give the specific ingredient amounts I used here, but this really depends on how much asparagus you have, and how long you want your tart to be."

2. Caprese Appetizer

It's a fresh Caprese salad in bite-size appetizer portions. Easy Easter appetizers don't get much more simple! Toss grape tomatoes, small mozzarella cheese balls, and fresh basil in olive oil, salt, and pepper, and skewer them onto toothpicks. That's it! If you're looking for light appetizers for Easter dinner, here you go! "Clever and delicious idea!" says EMILYSNAN. "I've made this several times with much success!"

Photo by Annette Green

3. Spinach Dip

Sour cream and mayonnaise with carrots, red pepper, onion and cumin create a delicious, colorful dip. "An unbaked spinach dip. Unlike many other spinach dips this one is served deliciously cold," says Candice. "Enjoy! You can replace the red bell pepper with minced carrot or cucumber, or try using a combination of the three."

Photo by thatmoe

4. Spring Herb Hummus Vegetable Garden

Here's a healthy Easter appetizer that's also adorable! "Vegetable platters need not look all look the same," says Ashley Baron Rodriguez. "Here, fresh spring vegetables sit in an herb-laced hummus to resemble a spring garden in full bloom. My kids loved plucking the crisp vegetables from the garden, so much so that I think they forgot that they were filling themselves up with such a healthful snack."

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

5. Strawberry Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Here's one of the best Easter brunch appetizers around! "The way the tangy, slightly salty goat cheese works with the syrupy, balsamic-coated strawberries and crispy, charred bread is a thing of beauty," Chef John.

Photo by Jennifer Baker

6. Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

These simple fresh rolls are stuffed with good stuff -- rice vermicelli, cooked shrimp, and lots of fresh herbs. "These spring rolls are a refreshing change from the usual fried variety, and have become a family favorite," says Paula. "They are great as a cool summertime appetizer, and are delicious dipped in one or both of the sauces."

Photo by Allrecipes

7. Easter Chick Deviled Eggs

Transform delicious deviled eggs into super cute Easter appetizers. The quick video shows you how to cut and fill the eggs, and how to add a few realistic, edible touches, too! "Adorable 'deviled' chicks peek out of their eggs," says rachelu. "Display in an egg cup or egg tray."

8. Mauigirl's Smoked Salmon Stuffed Pea Pods

Looking for healthy appetizers for Easter? "These are a cute and fresh idea for an appetizer or as a pretty addition to a festive vegetable tray," says mauigirl. "I used to steam the pea pods, but this uncooked method yields a nicer look without all the fuss."

Photo by mauigirl

9. Asparagus Roll Ups

Baked bread wrapped around tender asparagus, cream cheese, chives, and bacon, topped with melted butter and parmesan cheese – always an Easter hit! "Fun way to eat asparagus!" says luckoftheIrish. "Have the kids help out while making them, and they will enjoy them even more!"

Photo by lutzflcat

10. Easter Deviled Eggs

"A very easy, special touch for Easter and fun to do at baby showers as well," says NancyClancy. "Do some plain white ones to keep everyone happy."

Photo by lutzflcat

11. Bacon and Date Appetizer

Sweet dates are stuffed with almonds, wrapped in bacon, and broiled until the bacon is crispy. "This is SO delicious," says FIVEINKENYA. "It's sweet, chewy, cripsy and so unique. And just as good without the almonds."

Photo by Jessica

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