You might even be tempted to try some of these techniques and recipes yourself.


If you're practicing social isolation, there's no better time to get creative in the kitchen. Whether you're looking for inspiration on cooking techniques, exploring unique ingredient choices and unusual flavor pairings, or just wanting to experience the world's cuisine from the comfort (and safety) of your couch, our list of food-centric YouTube channels worth watching is here to help. We've also got you covered if you're just wanting to zone out and watch something, whether it's educational, fun, or just plain wacky. Don't forget to also check out Allrecipes' Youtube Channel for even more helpful and creative cooking videos.

Take a look below to learn our favorites:

Chef Billy Parisi Chopping Carrots
Credit: Chef Billy Parisi / Youtube

If you're looking for cooking basics...

With new episodes releasing twice a week, Chef Billy Parisi will keep you entertained with his wide range of recipes. A professional chef himself, Parisi dives into how to make dishes from scratch that rival even your favorite restaurants. His helpful explanations behind ingredient and technique choices, on everything from using condensed milk in cheese sauce to which flour makes the best pasta, will leave you feeling confident in the kitchen.

Sauce Stache with Buffalo Wing
Credit: Sauce Stache / Youtube

If you like experimental cooking...

If trying new foods is your favorite part of cooking, then Sauce Stache is here to introduce you to a whole new world of ingredients. Creating everything from jackfruit "chicken" wings to Carolina Reaper gummy bears, Sauce Stache shows that experimenting in the kitchen can have delicious results. His easy-to-follow directions and fun hosting style will have you binge watching episode after episode without even realizing it.

Jousha Weissman Rolling Dough
Credit: Jousha Weissman / Youtube

If you're into baking...

Although not a strictly baking-focused channel, one glance at Joshua Weissman's uploads will make you realize that he has a knack for baked goods. Croissant bread, buttery brioche cinnamon rolls, and giant sausage buns are just a few of the many baking videos he has to offer. Weissman's precise instructions, plus a dash of good humor, will make you want to dust off your apron and get working behind the oven.

Townsends Youtube Channel
Credit: Townsends / Youtube

If you admire historical cooking...

Are you a history buff who also happens to be a foodie? Then Townsends is the perfect Youtube channel for you. Covering delicious dishes that you didn't even know existed, like Frontier Cheese Toast or the 1784 version of macaroni and cheese, you'll be transported to simpler times through these recipes. Although not strictly food-based, the majority of Townsends videos do involve food and recipes, with a few historical crafting and lifestyle pieces thrown in for good measure.

Maymo and Potpie in Chef Hats
Credit: Maymo / Youtube

If you like pets that cook (and who doesn't?)...

If your idea of a good time is watching cute animal videos, then Maymo should be your go-to YouTube channel. Maymo the lemon beagle, along with his brother Potpie, get up to all kinds of trouble in the kitchen. Although their version of "cooking" is probably something you'd never want to eat, you can't help but love a puppy in a chef's hat.

Food Wishes Youtube Channel
Credit: Food Wishes / Youtube

If you want to perfect your technique...

Chef John is ready to help walk you through easy-to-follow techniques for delicious recipes. Whether it's a classic dish like dirty rice or a whole new creation such as pineapple pulled pork, Chef John's simple instruction and step-by-step explanation will have you whipping up creative meals in no time.

Sound Croquette Youtube Channel
Credit: Sound Croquette / Youtube

If ASMR is your thing...

The sounds of cooking, whether it's crunching up cookies for a pie crust or frying up a batch of chicken, can be soothing. ASMR (short for "autonomous sensory meridian response") is a subset of YouTube videos meant to relax viewers with intimate and intense sounds that you might otherwise overlook, and Sound Croquette's channel specializes in cooking ASMR videos. You can watch an entire recipe from start to finish, and even choose between the "no talking" version or one with verbal instructions. So plug in your headphones, and get ready to reach deep relaxation while watching some delicious dishes being made.

Mukbang Mermaid Youtube Channel
Credit: Mukbang Mermaid / Youtube

And then there's Mukbang...

If social isolation is making you feel like your life is a fever dream, then add to the insanity by watching Mukbang Mermaid. Mukbang, the fad of filming yourself eating that began in South Korea, has a wide range of YouTubers already, but none are quite like this channel. Dressed as mythical sea creature, Mukbang Mermaid chows down on everything from Popeyes Chicken to octopus while regaling viewers with strange personal stories to keep them entertained.

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