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taste test chocolate bunnies - an array of chocolate bunnies in packages are displayed on a wooden table
Credit: Kimberly Holland

Not long after the heart-shaped boxes of bonbons disappear, chocolate bunny sculptures hop onto shelves in grocery stores and supermarkets everywhere. And much like real rabbits, each year seems to bring a resplendent crop of new bunnies, each with their own unique shape, occasionally a flavor, and sometimes a horrifying expression.

Easter is to the chocolate bunny what Halloween is to jack o' lanterns. Necessary, inexorable, possibly primordial. Amid the array of jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, and edible candy eggs, the chocolate bunny is the centerpiece of the holiday's confection offerings. And sure, you can splurge and buy a 3-pound, 16-inch chocolate rabbit, but the offerings at the typical supermarket are ample. You need only know which of the holiday hares to reach for. We can help with that, with this list of the tastiest chocolate rabbits from some of the world's best chocolatiers.

Best Chocolate Easter Bunnies for 2021 at a Glance

Lindt Easter GOLD BUNNY, Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny
Credit: Walmart

Best Chocolate Bunny: Lindt Easter Gold Bunny

Lindt's miniature rabbits, ducklings, and lambs are too adorable to pass up in the Easter candy aisles, so grab a few but then head straight for the Lindt Gold Easter Bunny. For its price (under $4), you'll get a rich and handsome chocolate bunny that could easily be the centerpiece of your Easter table or make for a special gift for every bunny on your list. This chocolate rabbit was selected as the best of the best for its smooth texture and rich, creamy mouthfeel. Compared to others, this chocolate tasted expensive, decadent even. It is a milk chocolate bunny, but it wasn't weak on cocoa flavor. It strikes a harmonious note that fans of both milk and dark chocolates will appreciate.

Buy it: $3.68; Walmart.com

Ghirardelli Easter Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny
Credit: Target

Runner-up: Ghirardelli Easter Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny

A second hollow chocolate bunny makes the list, though this one was our least favorite molded bunny outside the wrapper. (In other words, it tastes great, and the wrapper's cute; the other looks leave a bit to be desired.) This rabbit has a deeper cocoa taste if the Lindt is too milky for your tastes, but it's not dark chocolate, which means you don't have to worry about giving it to everyone on your Easter list. You'll trade a bit of creaminess for the extra cocoa flavor, but you'll still be amazed that a thin layer of chocolate can equal something so special.

Buy it: $4.29; Target.com

Kinder Easter Chocolate Bunny
Credit: Target

Best Kid-Friendly Chocolate Bunny: Kinder Easter Chocolate Bunny

A table full of adults couldn't get enough of this chocolate bunny, nor its cute wrappings. It's yet again a hollow chocolate bunny, but this one holds a tasty secret: an inner layer of white chocolate. This rabbit's sculpted bodice is thinner than the others, which will make it easier for kiddies to crack open their Easter sweet. A few Kinder eggs are a natural partner for the Easter basket.

Buy it: $3.49; Target.com

Godiva Easter Milk Chocolate Solid Bunny - 5oz
Credit: Target

Best Gift: Godiva Easter Milk Chocolate Solid Bunny

The only solid chocolate bunny to make the list, this Godiva rabbit is a fantastic pick for everyone the Easter bunny will visit this year. The solid chocolate construction won't be at risk of crumbling in a basket or box (if you're mailing the treats). We liked the solid chocolate option over Godiva's hollow bunny because the flavor was richer and nuttier with a creamier mouthfeel. At a hefty five ounces, it's also the largest of our favorite chocolate bunnies.

Buy it: $6; Target.com or Walmart.com

What We Looked for When Ranking Chocolate Bunnies

Taste: Our initial taste test rounds focused solely on flavor and texture. Sculpted and molded chocolates may utilize additives like wax cocoa fats to maintain their shape better than poured, solid chocolates. We judged the chocolate by its texture and mouthfeel, and we rated the flavor on a scale of very milky to nearly dark.

Shape: While the shape or style of a chocolate rabbit wasn't enough to remove any one bunny from the list, the aesthetic is something to be considered. Did the chocolatiers put as much effort into the bunny's appearance as they did the packaging or foil wrapping?

Price: Because of the size of the chocolate Easter rabbits we chose to taste test, the prices of these bunnies were all nearly equal, between $3 and $5, with a few options coming in over $8. While most people will only give one of these bunnies in a basket, we know it may be necessary to buy several for every basket recipient.

How We Tested Each Chocolate Bunny

I recruited my family (seven people in total) to taste test a dozen chocolate bunnies, each purchased at a major retailer or provided by the chocolate company for the purposes of this story. We eliminated bunnies that were filled (like peanut butter-stuffed bunnies), and we sorted out very small options, like individually-wrapped rabbits. We chose to focus on large- and medium-sized chocolate bunnies that would be fantastic centerpieces for an Easter basket.

We sliced each of the rabbits into small pieces, tasting each rabbit for several minutes. We recorded our initial reactions, and after the first round, we eliminated half of the bunnies. We went through a second round of taste tests to make the final selections.

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