This Is the Easiest, Most Chocolaty Way To Say I Love You

We’re falling hard for this dessert.

If you've ever dreamed of bringing out an impressively sexy dessert to your loved one on Valentine's Day, you've come to the right place. After a friend's outstanding review, I tried this easy Chocolate Pot de Crème from the Daring Gourmet to find out if it really was as wow-worthy as it seemed. On my first try, the elegant dessert turned out as divinely rich as a homemade Lindor truffle. So yeah, pretty good.

Thicker and richer than a chocolate mousse or pudding, this pot de crème is a simpler take on the traditional French custard, making it the perfect satisfying bite to finish off a meal with your boo or best friends. These delicious single-serving treats are made with only 5 simple ingredients: dark chocolate, heavy cream, egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla. Chocolate is the star here, so make sure to use a high quality bar for the most decadent results.

This recipe is made in just two steps, taking a total of about 5 minutes to prepare between a saucepan and a blender. Just make sure to use a blender that allows warm air escape (rather than a single cup blender) to avoid a hot chocolate disaster. Feel free to add some cinnamon for warmth or espresso powder for a lovely hint of mocha.

More Pot de Crème Recipes To Try:

Let your prepared ramekins of chocolate bliss chill for a minimum of six hours, allowing them to come to room temperature just before serving. (In other words, take them out of the fridge when you sit down for dinner.) But don't put away your blender quite yet — whip up a super simple fresh whipped cream instead. With just one cup of cold heavy cream, two tablespoons of powdered sugar, and a splash of vanilla combined in a blender on low speed, you'll have decadent, fluffy whipped cream ready in about 15 seconds.

This recipe can make 4-6 servings depending on the size of your V-day gang and how big you want the servings, but note that these store amazingly well in the fridge if you end up with extras. For reference, I'm someone who lives for sweets and I couldn't even finish a single portion in one sitting. For more swoon-worthy desserts for the holiday, check out these 10 Cute and Easy Valentine's Day Treats.

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