The right biscuit-making tools — from measuring cups to biscuit cutters.

By Kimberly Holland
May 14, 2020
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Homemade Baked Buttermilk Biscuits
Credit: LCBallard/Getty Images

I inherited most of my biscuit-making tools from my grandmothers and great-grandmothers. My biscuit cutter is older than my mother. My pastry cutter is older than me. So when my brother recently married and I wanted to gift his new bride everything she'd need for making biscuits, there weren't any hand-me-downs left to hand down. Age and multiple moves had taken a toll on what remained of a beloved trove of ancient biscuit tools. That's when I started hunting for the best biscuit tools you can find today. While I'll always believe there's something about my old orange juice tin that amplifies the magic of homemade biscuits, the real magic of the biscuits is in the love of the person making them. The tools are just a helping hand.

If you're starting a new kitchen or trying to improve your biscuit-making capabilities, these tools guarantee you a beautiful batch, time after time.

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1. Rolling Pin

J.K. Adams Co. Rolling Pin
Credit: Crate & Barrel

New England's J.K. Adams has been rolling out fine wooden tools since 1944, and their rolling pins are second to none. Crafted from maple wood, the steel axle in this rolling pin will help you evenly roll out dough for the best layered biscuit look.

Buy it: $17;

2. Mixing Bowl

Credit: Sur La Table

This ceramic mixing bowl is beautiful, but it's also weighty enough for a good biscuit dough mixing session. What's more, chilling ceramic bowls before use will help keep the butter cold while you're working with it.

Buy it: $40-52;

3. Biscuit Cutters

Credit: Sur La Table

Biscuits come in all shapes and sizes, so your biscuit cutters should too. These stainless steel cutters are sturdy enough for thick doughs and cut cleanly for delicate doughs, too.

Buy it: $15;

4. Parchment Paper

Reynolds Kitchens Non-Stick Parchment Paper
Credit: Target

Biscuit bottoms can turn tough and even burn if they sit on a hot sheet pan too long. By putting a layer of parchment paper between the pan and the biscuits, you've got built-in handles for sliding the biscuits off the pan and onto your platter. Bonus: the parchment paper keep the sheet pan clean.

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5. Measuring Cups

OXO Stainless-Steel Measuring Cups & Spoons
Credit: Williams Sonoma

If you don't have a food scale, it's really important you have trustworthy measuring cups. We picked these as our Best Measuring Cups for their even edges which make measuring and leveling easy. Because getting precise measurements of flour is so important with baking biscuits, these measuring cups get our approval for your biscuit-making tools again.

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6. Bench Scraper

Credit: Sur La Table

A bench scraper is the kitchen utensil you don't realize you desperately needed until you get your first one. These straight edges can help you turn out sticky doughs, scrape flour from a surface, and even cut biscuits or scones into squares or triangles if you're not a fan of the classic circular style.

Buy it: $10;

7. Pastry Blender

OXO Pastry Blender
Credit: Sur La Table

You can use forks to blend butter pieces into your flour, but a pastry blender is easier to manage and produces the ideal mealy dough faster. This one is especially great because the non-slip handle provides cushion while you chop and rock your way through the cold butter.

Buy it: $13;

8. Half Sheet Pan

USA Pan Nonstick Half Sheet Pan
Credit: Williams Sonoma

A sheet pan that heats evenly helps biscuits rise and spread evenly, too This half sheet pan is large enough for a full batch of biscuits, and the pan's heavy-duty aluminized steel is designed for uniform heat conduction. Plus, it's non-stick so if you don't use parchment paper, it'll keep your biscuit bottoms attached to your biscuit tops.

Buy it: $22-44;

9. Butter Dish

Saez Butter Dish
Credit: Wayfair

Cold butter and hot biscuits don't mix. You'll need room temperature, spreadable butter for the best biscuit experience. Keep a stick (or a half a stick if you don't need much) in your butter dish to make quick work of dressing up your biscuit.

Buy it: $21;

10. Pastry Brush

Credit: Sur La Table

Whether you're brushing melted butter on biscuit tops or shellacking scones with a sugary glaze, a basting brush is a vital part of any biscuit-making kit. As a bonus, you can use this one for basting meats, too. The silicone head can be removed from the wooden handle, and it's odor resistant so your biscuits won't have a hint of last night's pork marinade.

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