12 Best Baked Chicken Recipes

You just can't beat baked chicken for quick, convenient dinners that offer plenty of variety. From creamy chicken casseroles to stuffed baked chicken breasts to super-simple chicken and potato combos, these top-rated picks are some of our very favorite baked chicken recipes.

1. Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes

Chef John bakes his chicken and potatoes until the chicken skin is caramelized and crisp and the potatoes are golden brown and delicious. "I don't have the energy or courage to cater for a living but, if I did, this Greek lemon chicken and potatoes would be one of my go-to entrees," says Chef John. "It's a proven crowd-pleaser, simple to make, and easy on the wallet."

Greek Lemon Chicken and Potatoes
Photo by Kim's Cooking Now!.

2. Mamaw's Chicken and Rice Casserole

Here's a classic baked chicken and rice casserole. "I grew up on this recipe," says katiefbenham, "and it's always been a family favorite. Quick and easy for school nights, and the leftovers are just as good! You can use less butter on top of course."

Mamaw's Chicken and Rice Casserole
Photo by Melissa Goff.

3. Baked Chicken and Zucchini

This baked chicken and zukes combo is ready in less than an hour! You'll simply bread and sear chicken breasts and layer them with sauteed zucchini, tomatoes, fresh basil, and cheese. "This recipe is unbelievably delicious!" raves Laura Bonnette Longo. "I added just a bit of dry white wine to the oil b/c the heat was a little high and garlic began to brown too quickly. I would have never guessed that veggies alone could create such a fantastic sauce. The fresh basil really adds to the flavor."

4. King Ranch Chicken Casserole

This chicken enchilada pie is a sure-fire family favorite. You'll layer a casserole dish with tortillas, chicken, a Southwest-inspired sauce, and cheese. Then bake it until beautifully bubbly. "Wow! The seasonings and spices made this a perfectly delectable dish," raves SL. "Thanks to Chef John for another great-tasting chicken casserole."

King Ranch Chicken Casserole
Photo by Chef John.

5. Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups

Fresh asparagus spears and provolone cheese are rolled up in boneless chicken breasts, coated with Dijon mustard and topped with crisp panko bread crumbs, and baked in a hot oven. "Very flavorful chicken and asparagus dish with almost a hollandaise-inspired flavor with a little crunch from the Panko breadcrumbs," says Monica. "Quick and easy to prepare, the presentation is simple yet elegant."

Chicken Asparagus Roll-Ups
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine.

6. Chicken Enchiladas II

These easy, crowd-pleasing chicken enchiladas are long on flavor, short on prep time. "Absolutely the best chicken enchilada recipe I have ever tasted," says lizgraeva. "So easy to make. You will love this one. I have made this one for company and they always love it." See how it's done:

7. Grandma's Chicken Chardon

Parmesan and bread-crumb coated chicken breasts with sauteed mushrooms in a simple sauce brightened with lemon juice. "This was really good and easy to make," says Kelly. "I did take others' suggestions and doubled the butter/lemon mixture and the mushrooms. I will be adding this to my recipe book as a regular."

Grandma's Chicken Chardon
Photo by TTV78.

8. Moroccan Chicken Thigh Sheet Pan Dinner

"This Moroccan-inspired sheet pan dinner is packed with bold sweet and savory flavors and palate-pleasing textures," says France C. "This is perfect for quick weeknight dinners or laid-back dinner parties. Ras el hanout is a North African seasoning available in specialty grocery stores, or you can make your own ras el hanout."

Moroccan Chicken Thigh Sheet Pan Dinner
Photo by France C.

9. Cast Iron Honey-Sriracha Glazed Chicken with Roasted Root Vegetables

"I combined 3 recipes to create tender juicy chicken with an awesome honey-sriracha glaze," says Willpio. "If you've always wanted to cook more stuff with turnips, give this a try. Aside from the delicious sauce, the most important part of this dish is using the high heat of cast iron to brown the chicken and vegetables before finishing in the oven."

Cast Iron Honey-Sriracha Glazed Chicken with Roasted Root Vegetables
Photo by Willpio.

10. Chicken, Sausage, Peppers, and Potatoes

Chicken thighs, spicy sausage, sweet bell peppers, and potatoes bake in a hot oven to a rich, caramelized finish. "You'll need a large, heavy-duty roasting pan (or a couple of smaller ones) and a very hot oven for this delicious dish," says Chef John. "The long oven time makes everything beautifully caramelized and the chicken fork tender."

Chicken, Sausage, Peppers, and Potatoes
Photo by Chef John.

11. Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Feta cheese and spinach create a zesty stuffing for bacon-wrapped baked chicken breasts. "This recipe is fantastic and easy but tastes like you spent a long time cooking it," says KA. "My husband rated it a home run!"

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Photo by Traci-in-Cali.

12. Mexican Casserole

"Chicken breast simmered with a spicy black bean and corn mixture, then topped with cheese and tortilla chip crumbs and baked," says SUEZQZ_64. "Easy and quick to fix weekday casserole with a Mexican flair. Nutritious and kid friendly."

Mexican Casserole
Photo by wannabe chefette.

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