By Carl Hanson

The air fryer is your secret weapon for cooking Thanksgiving dishes on the quick. It's true, you can make loads of Thanksgiving dishes fast and easy right in the air fryer. We've created a complete Thanksgiving menu of dishes you can cook in an air fryer, featuring the works -- turkey, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, green beans, rolls, even apple pies. Let's start our feast with fast, flavorful air-fried turkey breasts!

Best Thanksgiving Recipes for the Air Fryer

A great choice for smaller gatherings. Bibi says. "If you have a taste for turkey, but don't want the time or the hassle of a full bird, try a split turkey breast, prepared in the air fryer. This recipe gives the flavor of an oven-roasted turkey, but in much less time, and with much less fuss! Use any combination of fresh herbs that you and your family will enjoy!"

Photo by Bibi

You'll marinate boneless, skinless turkey breast in buttermilk and olive brine before taking it to the air fryer. "Using an olive brine gives the breast flavor and also keeps it tender," says Buckwheat Queen. "I use spicy Tabasco Olive brine for extra kick. Serve with cranberry sauce."

Photo by Buckwheat Queen

On to the sides! Brussels sprouts are a great choice for the air fryer because the outer leaves get wonderfully crisp and crunchy. Bren says, "Sweet and tart balsamic vinegar pairs well with the bitterness of Brussels sprouts; the bacon adds a smokey flavor. After 10 minutes, there's still some bite to the sprouts; add a few more minutes for a softer texture, if desired."

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

Here's another take on air-fried Brussels, featuring a light touch of maple syrup, mayo, and mustard, which really complement the crispy Brussels sprouts.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving dinner without green beans. Soup Loving Nicole says, "These spicy green beans are made simple in the air fryer."

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

These crispy potatoes are terrific finished with a drizzle of turkey gravy. "They are very similar to roasted potatoes, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside," sayas Bren.

Photo by Bren

Here's another option for "roasted" potatoes with garlic, rosemary, and lemon zest.

Make extra Thanksgiving stuffing to scoop into these air-fried stuffed pumpkins. "Every Christmas I have stuffing leftover from the turkey, duck or chicken, now I am prepared, I cook it in a butternut pumpkin," says MumAndMe. "It is so popular now, I make it from scratch through the year as a family dinner in itself."

Photo by MumAndMe

GourmetGirl says, "I was looking for garlic bread that was a bit different when I saw a photo of some bread that was sliced, cheesy, and tasty-looking. This was my effort at recreating it in my air fryer."

Photo by Gourmet Girl

Here's a fun if unorthodox way to enjoy sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving -- in tot form! fabeverydayblog says, "These sweet potato tots have a kick, and are made lighter by preparing them in the air fryer. Serve with ketchup or your favorite dipping sauce."

Photo by fabeverydayblog

11. Air Fryer Stuffing Balls

"These little gems have all the flavors of traditional stuffing but are made in the air fryer," says Bren. "Slightly crunchy on the outside with a soft interior. They can be made well in advance or frozen for future use. Feel free to customize these with your favorite seasonings."

Photo by Bren

And finally, we saved room for dessert, of course! These single serving apple pies are adorable. lutzflcat says, "So very simple, easy, and quick to make."

13. Air Fryer Bacon-Chorizo Tater Tot® Dressing

"This is a decidedly nontraditional way of making dressing, but packs a lot of flavor with few ingredients!" says thedailygourmet. "The best part, the portion size is perfect for couples, or the solo diner. You will need a 7-inch springform pan or other air fryer-safe container."

Photo by thedailygourmet

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