Is Ben Affleck Dunkin's Newest Employee?

And has he officially converted Jennifer Lopez from Starbucks to Dunkin'?

A dunkin donuts storefront
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The internet was abuzz yesterday after photos leaked capturing Ben Affleck working a Dunkin' drive through in a Boston suburb. I knew the economy was bad, but not this bad! Turns out, Ben is not seeking a new side hustle, but rather shooting a Super Bowl commercial. And, what's more, it looks like his wife Jennifer Lopez will be featured in it, too.

Being a native New Englander, Ben is a longtime, self-admitted Dunkin' superfan. From endless paparazzi photos of him with Dunkin' in hand to quotes like, "I have Dunkin' Donuts every day", from a 2019 Collider interview, it's no secret Ben loves Dunkin'. And it looks like he's converting his wife, Jennifer Lopez—a longtime lover of Starbucks—into a fan, too.

After the pair was spotted together outside a Starbucks back in December, they appeared yesterday together at a Dunkin' in Medford, Mass. But they were not on your average coffee run! They were actually shooting a commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl LVII, which airs Sunday February 12.

The pair appeared to be filming a scene in which Ben takes JLo's order working the Dunkin' drive-thru. But don't worry, he stuck around to serve up some regular people, too. Unsuspecting customers on their morning coffee run got quite the surprise when Ben Affleck appeared in the drive-thru with their orders.

According to a Facebook post by one such customer, Ben and Jen were razzing customers over their orders, only to give them quite the surprise when they pulled up. "I got mad that they were messing with me over the intercom about my order… Drove up and almost died!", they wrote. The couple appeared to have a great time on location, serving up Dunkin' with a smile. Perhaps Ben has a future as a Dunkin' employee after all, if this whole 'acting thing' doesn't work out.

As a Dunkin' devotee myself, I think getting my medium-hot-coffee-almond-milk-one-pump-vanilla would pretty much make my day, week, and probably year. I know I'll be tuning in February 12 to watch this commercial, regardless of which teams make the Super Bowl.

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