There's no need to wait for Cinco de Mayo to make some of the most flavorful brunch dishes on the planet. While some of these 5 top-rated recipes might be inspired by South-of-the-Border classics, all have one common thread: Big, bold flavors that are guaranteed to wake up your taste buds in the best possible way. Plus, these popular preparations provide the perfect excuse for a weekend fiesta.

Fiery chorizo sausage gives this quick and easy 4.5 star recipe a real kick. Take it one step further and make your own chorizo, which means you can control the heat.

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Built on a foundation of crispy hash browns and ham tucked inside flour tortillas, this super satisfying 4.5 star casserole. One rave review suggested making it even beefier by scrambling some eggs in with the cooked hash browns.

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The original "put an egg on top" dish that's so darned crave-able combines beans, salsa and crispy bacon on a tostada for a crunchy finish. Many will debate whether this version is "authentic", but nobody's going to argue that it's ultra-delicous.

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Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

This is how we roll, with warm flour tortillas wrapped around a filling that's brings together the spicy meat, softly scrambled eggs and gooey cheese. This 4.5 star all-in-one recipe is a prime candidate for breakfast-on-the-run, but why rush off when you can relax with your friends and a round of Chef John's Micheladas?

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Photo by OkinawanPrincess

Often referred to as the world's greatest hangover helper, this scramble of eggs and tortillas might remind you a little bit of a variation on nachos. Especially if you pile the cheese and salsa on as a finishing touch. This simple preparation invites enthusiastic embellishments, with reviewers of the 4.5 star recipe serving up suggestions to add enchilada sauce, chopped peppers and onions.