Cadbury Just Hatched an Oreo Creme Egg

The genius chocolate-making elves at Cadbury have gotten together with the cookie-baking pixies at Oreo to hatch one of the greatest eggs known to mankind. Behold, the Cadbury Oreo Creme Egg.

Oreo Creme Egg
Photo by Oreo.

Usually at this time of year, we're just getting excited about the release of the regular Cadbury Creme Eggs which herald the first sign of sweet Easter. This year is different; now we're awaiting the Oreo Creme Egg, filled with whipped Oreo cookie cream and Oreo cookie bits. I am a longtime fan of Dairy Milk Oreo chocolate bars, which are insanely addictive. The bottom line is Cadbury chocolate and Oreo cookies are a match made in confectionery heaven. Sadly, the Oreo eggs are not available in the US until February, but I've no doubt they will be worth waiting for.

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